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The fastest goal in a hockey game is 25 seconds .

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Q: Fastest goal in a Hockey game?
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What is the fastest goal scored in hockey?

5 seconds

Which travels fastest to the goal on ice a hockey puck or a hockey ball?

the puck.

Fastest goal scored in ice hockey?

The fastest goal scored from the start of a period is 4 seconds, by Denis Savard in 1986. The fastest goal scored at the start of a game is 5 seconds, by Doug Smail in 1981, Bryan Trottier in 1984, and Alex Mogilny in 1991.

What is an uncontested late game hockey goal called?

A goal

Which is the fastest team game in world?

ice hockey

What was the fastest goal scored in the opening game in the history of the FIFA World Cup?

The fastest goal was by Germany! XD

What does gtg mean in hockey?

Game Tying Goal

Is ringette the fastest game on ice?

Ice Hockey is faster.

2nd fastest game in the world?

lacrosse is second then hockey

How do I determine the game winning goal in hockey?

It is the last goal that puts the team ahead.

What do you call a goal in hockey?

A goal is just a goal in hockey.

Which is the fastest game after ice hockey?

Horshoes by far is the most intense, fastes game in the world

Which is the fastest game playing in the world?

1.Ice Hockey 2.Handball

What is the score called if you shoot in a hockey game?

I think it is called a goal.

Would the number of goal at a hockey game be discrete or continuous?


What is an uncontested as a late game hockey goal called?

Empty netter

How does a hockey game start after a goal is taken?

After a goal is scored, the game is restarted from a centre pass on the halfway line, by a member of the team the goal was scored against.

Has a hockey player ever scored a goal in every game for the season?

No, no NHL player has ever scored a goal in every game of the season.

What is the fastest goal scored in the premiership?

Premiership? Are you sure this is an ice hockey question? The NHL doesn't use the term "premiership".

How is the game of field hockey restarts after a goal?

back at the middle of the field, just like at the beginning of the game

Which is considered as the fastest team game in the world?

There are actually two answers to this question. Ice Hockey is the fastest moving team game in terms of overall speed of play. Jai Alai is the fastest team game in terms of how fast the ball moves (it's been clocked at over 188 mph).

How is an ice hockey game re-started after a goal is scored?

After a goal is scored, the teams face-off at centre ice.

How long and wide is a ice hockey goal?

A hockey goal is 4x6 feet

If a goalie in ice hockey does not allow a goal but does not play the full game does this count as a shut out?


Is there a name for a goal an assist and a penalty in a hockey game?

Gordie Howe hat- trick