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Q: Farmers and artisans from what I found family hard to compete with the highly industrialized countries?
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Farmers and artisans from where found it increasingly hard to compete with the highly industrialized countries?

Farmers and artisans from developing countries found it increasingly hard to compete with highly industrialized countries due to factors such as advanced technology, economies of scale, and cheaper production costs. These industrialized countries could mass-produce goods at lower prices, leading to a decline in demand for products from less developed regions. Additionally, lack of access to capital, resources, and market information further disadvantaged farmers and artisans in competing with their highly industrialized counterparts.

What countries compete at the Commonwealth Games?

The Countries that are members of the Commonwealth of Nations can compete in the Commonwealth Games.

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Olympics and World's Fair

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The one with potebtial can compete

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How did the Industral Revolution give an advantage to Industrialized European nations over non-industrialized nations?

The Industrial Revolution gave European nations many advantages including some that were not related to non-industrialized actions. For instance, the Industrial revolution gave these nations more political power and better economic strength.

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What can be fair trade?

The most common item is coffee.Fair Trade guarantees that small farmers in third-world countries get a fair price for their coffee beans, and that they can fairly compete in the world for sales of their beans.

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How can globalization negatively affect American farmers health?

Answer this question… By pressuring farmers to use dangerous pesticides to compete on a global scale

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How many athletes and how many countries will compete in the 2008 summer games?