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Q: Famous Canadian lacrosse players
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Who is a Canadian lacrosse player?

Canadian lacrosse players are not clearly differentiated in their playing style from American players. The main difference is how quick and smooth they move through defenses. Two famous Canadian players are the Gait brothers. These two are incredibly well known in lacrosse circles for their stylish play and scoring ability.

Famous girl lacrosse players?


Famous women lacrosse players?

Smellma Pit

Who are the most famous girls lacrosse players?

Danielle spencer

Who are some of UVA's most famous lacrosse players?

Steele Stanwick

Name a Famous Canadian lacrosse player who was also a star of westerns?


Who are the most famous Canadian football players?

Joe Montana

Who the best lacrosse player ever?

Many great and famous lacrosse players have played this spectacular game. However, there are a few players that stand out as the best to have ever played the game. From Jim Brown to Mikey Powell, these great lacrosse players have spanned throughout the ages. They are The Best at what they do, and set the bar high for the next generation. Jim Brown Lacrosse Gait Lacrosse Mark Millon Lacrosse Lacrosse Goalie Greg Cattrano

Who are the 3 most famous lacrosse players?

gavin mccombe josh bauman malik walker

Who are 2 famous Canadian soccer players?

Simeon JacksonandAtiba Hutchinson

Are there any famous people that have played lacrosse?

Jim brown Wayne gretzky joe sakic......lots of hockey players played lacrosse due to its popularity in Canada

What are the names of famous Canadian Volleyball players?

Glen hoag, is a canadian coach and appered in the oylimpics three times

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