FIFA 09 classic XI in manager mode?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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pele pele pele

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Q: FIFA 09 classic XI in manager mode?
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England in manager mode fifa 09 ps2?

I don' think there is England in manager mode. There are only clubs.

What do the 2 cogs mean in manager mode on fifa 09 on ps2?

Team Chemistry

What is new in manager mode of fifa 09?

real money used and players have say

What team do you use if fifa 09 manager mode?

u can use any i used Liverpool

Are FIFA 09 and FIFA manager 09 the same game?

No, in fifa manager you don't actually control the players during the game. It is not a video game in the traditional sense. You are the manager so you decide on transfers and strategy but can't directly control the players. In fifa 09 you can take direct control of the players using respective controls. In this we can also work as a manager as well as play in "MANAGER MODE"

Who are the best free agent players on FIFA 09?

well i was on my 3rd season on fifa 09 manager mode with Aston villa and didier drogba was available and he was at an overall rating of 91

How do you get arshavin on manager mode in FIFA 09?

He is on the game but you cant get him for a club the only way to play as him is to play as the Russian international team

Is there a growth curve on fifa 09 manager mode in PSP?

yes there is but you cannot veiw player growth for some reason

In FIFA 09 in manager mode is it possible to buy players from rival teams?

NO......that is reallly....annoying but u cant....even if it happens in real world...but not in fifa 9

Does PES 09 have manager mode like FIFA 09?

No, but PES 2009 has something of a dynasty mode (if you can call it that :]) called "the master league". It's somewhat close but it's not as good IMO

Can you switch clubs in Fifa 09 manager mode and will I get different job offers based on performance?

Yes you can at the end of every season.

How do you unlock the ecc on FIFA 09?

u have to get in the top 4 i think in manager mode and than qualify for the ecc. hope it hepls!!!!!!!