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No it shouldn't they are fun and are safe at the same time :)

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Q: Extreme sport should be banned or not?
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Which was extreme sport banned in Norway from 1978 to 1987?

Skateboarding was banned in norway.Skateboarding was banned in norway.

Should extreme sports be banned?

Of course not. Its fun for people. No way, extreme sports shouldn't be banned, I like taking the risk.

Should blood sport be banned?

It is a matter of opinion to whether or not they should be banned. In my personal opinion blood sports should be banned, but it's up to you to form your own opinion on the matter.

Why is snowboarding counted as an extreme sport?

Yes, snowboarding is considered an extreme sport.

Why rugby should be banned?

it should not be banned as it is a great sport and much of the population love to play it and watch it. I dont understand why anybody would want to ban rugby.

What makes a sport an extreme sport?

it has to be out of the ordinary, an extreme sport can be anything that can put your own life at risk such as mountain biking or paintball, what makes an extreme sport is the intensity that you feel while engaging in the activity. Alpine skiing is another extreme sport.

What happens if you get court using drugs in sport?

It is possible if you fail a urine test, you cna be banned from that sport for life, no matter how good you are. This is extreme cheating. You may even get a jail sentence if it severe enough.

In sport in 1836 biting was banned in which sport?


Is basketball an extreme sport?

yes it is i found it on 7 lists basketball is an extreme sport

Should cheerleaders be banned from professonal sports?

no not really because cheerleaders cheer for sport teams.

What sport was banned in 1924 and then re-instated in 1988?

what sport was banned in1924 and then reinstated in1988 The Answer for your Curves questionaire is TENNIS

Should boys be banned from netball?

I dont see why boys cant play netball after all it is a sport

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