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The Golf swing is a series of interconnected body and muscle motions. Most people do not realize that the "OBJECT" of playing golf IS NOT, I repeat IS NOT, to hit the golf ball. The object is to make a golf swing....a golf swing that repeats. Then, it is the golfer's task to make those minor adjustments to that the golf ball lies on the exact path that the golfer is swinging on.

This is why MOST golfers play poorly and fail to improve. They try to hit the ball.

The backswing creates a position. The golfer coils up into a powerful position HOWEVER, the golfer should remain as releaxed as possible. This allows the hands to swing the grip, or the "handle" of the club, the fastest through to swing completion.

The backswing creates energy. The downswing unleashes it. Maximum clubhead speed should be achieved at impact when the ball is struck.

Since the golfer is making a GOLF SWING, it is essential that he or she have a follow through to finish. Otherwise, the golf club would be slowing down at impact; distance would be lost, and the golfer would be far too inconsistent.

The golf swing is merely a series of levers made up by the shoulders, hands, and the golf club that achieve maximum speed through centrifugal force.

Think of the golf swing as a bungee cord. When someone jumps on a bungee, they hit bottom and then come flying back up because of MOMENTUM. They don't just fall to the bottom and stop.

Golfers have a follow through because of momentum of the golf club literally swinging them if they are doing it correctly.

My response comes as a 25 year PGA Teaching Professional

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The Baseball player wants to apply the greatest force possible for as long as possible so that the ball goes as far as possible.

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Try to stop at impact, you'll find out.

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Q: Explain why a baseball player follows through with his or her swing?
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