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Q: Exemple d'une planification annuel en football francophonie?
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Annuel income for a boxer?

Pro...50,000 year

What are some annual event in Illinois?

the annuel fair

What has the author Havas written?

Havas. has written: 'Rapport Annuel'

What is salary in French?

Salaire (masculine) or paie (feminine). If you are talking about the total annual pay, the word for that is salaire annuel (masc.)

What is the annuel rainfall in Ireland?

The eastern half enjoys between 750 and 1000mm's in a year. Rainfall in the west 1000 to 1200mm's

Did Justin bieber performed for president Obama at the annuel white house Easter egg hunt?

yes justin bieber did perform for presdent.

What is the root word of annual?

The word annual (yearly) is from Middle English annuel, based on the Latin word annus, "circuit of the Sun".

How does the Koppen climate classification system show climate change?

In The Online World It Says That, "Koppen classified world climates by using the annuel monthly averages of temperature and precipitation of different regions" Isabelle

What is magazine in French?

A magazine is a (news)paper A magazine can be "Un hebdomaire" (released every week), mensuel (every month) bimensuel (twice a month), bimestriel (every two months), trimestriel (every three month) or even annuel (every year but it's rare a daily newpaper is not considered as a magazine, it's called "un quotidien" (a daily) Hope it would help

What are examples of the consumer culture in India?

I suggest that the increase in the amount of dowry and the difference of the items, that make it up nowadays is in relation to consumer culture. Dowry has grown up to 6 times the annuel income of a male village worker in Karnataka in the last decades. Families of the grooms expect refrigerators, tv sets, two wheelers and all kinds of consumption goods. Increasingly, if the dowry does not meet the expectations of the groom, wive burning is practiced, more than 6000 women per year die because of dowry related murderers by their husbands. I think, increasing materialism and greed for consumer goods are to blame for that. Because of the economic liberation of the 1990s consumer culture is getting more and more integrated in the Indian culture. Everybody tries to emulate the lifestyle of urban upper class, material wealth is getting increasingly quated with respect in the society.