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Q: Ex everton Football player capped for roi 1992?
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Ex odham everton norwich player capped for roi 1992?

Mike Milligan

Which Everton player had a surname beginning with letter you?

David Unsworth played for the Everton Football Club in the Premier League. He played center back for Everton during 1992-2007 and 1998-2004.

When was James Everton born?

James Everton was born on 1992-02-26.

What year did Liz Ellis debut?

She deputed her national (Australia) in 1992 and captained the team from 2003-2007. She is the most capped national player. Cheers

Who is chad Ritch of colts football number 92?

Chad Ritch was number 9 in the year 1992. He was a football player.

What athlete had died from steroids?

Lyle Alzado (1949-1992), NFL Football Player

Who were Football League Champions in 1992?

Leeds United were the Football League Champions in 1992.

How long have everton been in the premier league?

As of the 2012-13 season, Everton are one of seven teams to have spent every season in the Premier League, since the inaugural season in 1992-93.

Who was the first football player to score in the premiership?

Brian Deane, for Sheffield United against Man Utd in August 1992.

When did Football Fury happen?

Football Fury happened in 1992.

When was Football Fury created?

Football Fury was created in 1992.

When have everton won the premier league?

Everton have not currently won the premier league since it's coming into existence back in the season 1992-1993. The only teams to have won the Premier Leage are; Blackburn, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea, my team :D However, they have won the Englih First Division.

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