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Q: Ever been a no hitter with more then one pitcher?
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Which happens more often in a season a base runner tagging up at first and making it safely to 2nd or a pitcher getting a no hitter?

a pitcher getting a no hitter

Which baseball pitcher did not lose more games than he won?

Which pitcher? There have been MANY pitchers that have won more games than they lost.

What did baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan demonstate to the baseball world in 1990 aside from his remarkable sixth no hitter?

Baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan at the advanced baseball age of 43 demonstrated that a fastball strike out pitcher was at the top of his game. Yes knuckle ball and control pitchers lasted to age 40 or more, but none were ever applauded for their fast ball and strike out statistics.

Has any no-hit pitcher been a rookie?

It's happened at least 21 times. In some instances, a rookie will deliver a no-hitter in his first MLB start. Bobo Holloman did exactly that -- and won only two more games his entire career.

What is a no-hitter in baseball?

A no hitter is a game where the pitcher of one team throws an entire game without letting up a hit

MLB pitcher who has never thrown a no hitter?

A bunch. In fact, the vast majority of major league pitchers have never thrown a no-hitter in major league baseball. Many more have thrown no-hitters in high school or college ball.

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