Ergogenic aids in basketball

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Some might include:

* Vitamins * Protein * Glutamine * Creatine * Psychological mentality and attitude * Equipment (sneakers, wrappings) * Oxygen therapy

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Q: Ergogenic aids in basketball
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What is ergogenic?

Ergogenic aids

What are some Substances that allow athletes to exercise longer are called?

they are called ergogenic aids.

What Ergogenic aids increase the risk of acromegaly?

Ergogenic aids that contain growth hormone or substances that stimulate the release of growth hormone, such as some forms of anabolic steroids, can increase the risk of developing acromegaly. Acromegaly is a condition characterized by the excessive growth of bone and connective tissue, often resulting in enlarged facial features, hands, and feet. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional before using any ergogenic aids to avoid potential adverse health effects.

Are all ergogenic aids illegal?

no, since you have many types of ergogenic aids, believe it or not but hormones, water, music, sports drinks, hypnoses, nutrients and warm-up exercises aren't illegal, and they are part of these types of aids...

What are true facts about ergogenic aids?

what are the pros and cons of ergogentic aids

What is the most common ergogenic aid?

the most common ergogenic aid is the one most people have

Which of the following choices is true about ergogenic aids?

They allow an athlete to exercise longer.

Ergogenic aid the intented bene fits in sport?

Ergogenic aids are intended to benefit individuals physical work capacity, physiologic function or athletic performance.

What is some illegal ergogenics aids?

Steroids would be considered an illegal ergogenic aid is many activities.

Is carnatine ergogenic aids has been shown to enhance short-term exercise and resistance training?


What has the author Susan Carnes written?

Susan Carnes has written: 'The ingestion of carbohydrate and protein as ergogenic aids to endurance performance'

How and why supplements are used?

Supplements are used for improving health through better nutrition. Often used for muscle building or as ergogenic aids for sports performance.