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They are Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers.


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Q: English football teams play in blue strips?
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Which English football teams wear blue?

Birmingham City, everton and Chelsea. all wear blue uniforms.

How many teams are there in English football?

There are 20 teams in the Premier League, 24 teams in the Championship, 24 in League one and 24 in League two. There are 92 English league teams but There are other teams who are in leagues lower such as blue square premier league

English football teams who play in blue stripes?

They are wigan Athletic and Blackburn Rovers. West Bromwich Albion, Wigan Athletic Brighton and Hove Albion, Huddersfield Town, Sheffield Wednesday, Colchester United, Hartlepool United are English football teams who play in blue and white stripes. Blackburn Rovers shirt is classed as halves not stripes.

How much is a football team?

9.99p tesco value team but there all white with blue strips :/

Which football teams wear blue jerseys?

France, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay plsay in blue.

What are the colours of Tottenham football shirts?

The Tottenham Hotspurs are one of the most beloved and successful teams in the English Premiere League. The color of the Hotspurs uniforms are blue and white.

Football teams beginning with the letter K?


Who is the best football team in English football?

Chelsea is obvisouly, everyone knows that! Blue is the colour, football is the game!

What is a Winnipeg blue bomber?

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are one of the eight teams in the Canadian football league (CFL). A Winnipeg Blue Bomber is a member of that team.

What color are the french football and rugby teams reffered to as?

The French football and rugby team are called ZEE BLUES as they wear navy blue jerseys.

Is there a football teams name beginning with the letter z?

The Zanesville (Ohio) Blue Devils are a high school football team. It begins with the letter z.

Which football teams have the most liked uniform colors?

The New England Patriots. What's not to love about Red, White and Blue?

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Which English football teams wear blue?

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