England's lowest cricket scores

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The lowest I can think of are 46 in 1994 and 51 in 2009, both away against the West Indies.

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Q: England's lowest cricket scores
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Where to get cricket scores?

You will find live cricket scores of the ongoing cricket matches around the world at

Who has the most scores of 99 in test cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar has the most scores of 99 in test cricket.

Lowest One Day International Team Score in 50 over match?

which country has the lowest scores in one day international cricket, also the list of the said team please

Where can one view the latest cricket scores?

You can view the latest Cricket scores online on the website of livescore (dot) War of Cricket. Livescore has all the latest Cricket News and Scores. It has news on the matches, series, players and more.

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There are several websites online where you could check the current scores for Cricket Australia. Yahoo offers for example live scores on cricket worldwide.

What city in Illinois has the lowest school test scores?

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Which country scores lowest run in world cup cricket history?

Canada v Sri Lanka in 2003.Canada made 36 runs

What does a bats mans score in cricket?

the batsman scores ''runs'' in cricket

What is the best way to find out live cricket scores?

Live Cricket scores can be found on any games station, xbox, wii and alot of the other video gaming stations. Live cricket scores can also be found on the phone.

What does M mean in cricket scores?


What batsman scores in a cricket game?

the grasshopper

How are cricket scores calculated?

Cricket scores are calculated using a math formula called the Duckworth-Lewis method. Rather than a straight scoring method, cricket scores rely on this formula to determine the target score. It has many critics.

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