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Q: Endurance can be increased by doing?
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What can endurance be increased by?

By doing cardio activities and lifting weights.

Endurance can be increased by doing what?

By doing cardio activities and lifting weights.

What are some benefits of doing lunges daily?

Some benefits of doing lunges daily are increased muscle endurance and strength for the thigh muscles. It will make you a healthier person in general.

What type of activity is doing pushups?

Endurance activity

How can you muscular endurance?

Bleep test. You can also test muscular endurance by doing weights using low weight, high sets and high reps.

Increased blood volume?

Endurance exercise, such as jogging, swimming and cycling, increases your blood volume over time.

What is the recommendation for number of sets and reps to improve endurance?

When beginning an exercise program, one should start with 3 sets of 10 reps with a certain weight amount. The weight should be gradually increased so the muscles do not become accustomed to the amount of weight being used. After a period of time, the sets and repetitions can be increased to improve the results of the exercise.

What are 5 benefits of weight training?

1. Increased Streangth 2. Muscular Endurance 3. Reduction in body fat 4. Increased Stamina 5. Working out can help relieve stress

How does the Government encourage an increased level of productivity by doing what?

How does the government encourage an increased level of productivity

How do you get on endurance?

You'd go on discovery, then you'd click on endurance, "get on the show". Other than that you'd make a video of yourself doing something physically challenging, an send it to the discovery kids address.

Is running on a treadmill related to muscular endurance?

Yes it is related to muscular endurance because when running on a treadmill you can keep up with how long the distance that you ran. Hope this answer helped with people doing Physical Education Projects! : )

What is suitable Weight Training for a Gymnast?

You would definitely want to have great muscular endurance, so I would recommend doing high repetitions with low weight. This wil definitely help with your endurance. Stretching will help too.