Eli Manning win lose record

Updated: 9/27/2023
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last year 10-6 2 yrs. ago 9-7.

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Q: Eli Manning win lose record
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Did Eli Manning win a national championship at the University of Mississippi?

During Eli Manning's 4 years at the University of Mississippi he had an outstanding record. However, the school did not win a national championship.

How many sec championships did Eli Manning win?


How many 10 win seasons does Eli Manning have?


What is the record for most Super Bowl MVPs for brothers?

The only brothers to win Super Bowl MVPs are Peyton and Eli Manning, who each won one.

How many wins does Eli Manning have in the playoffs?

eli manning is 4-3 in the playoffs, which includes a superbowl win

How many super Bowles did Eli Manning win?

He won 2 super bowls

What was Peyton Manning's win loss record in college?


What is the patriots win-lose record in 2010?

14 win 2 lose 14-2

Have brothers ever won the Super Bowl on the same team?

Brothers did win back to back superbowls with the manning brothers winning SB's 47 and 48 but never was a pair of brothers that won the NBA finals.

Did Eli Manning win his first nfl game?

Eli Manning won the superbowl in 2008. He also won one in 2012

Will the ny giants win the super bowl?

No because the giants have the most inconsistent, no leadership, full of luck, QB. With the name of: Eli Manning

Did Eli Manning win any bowl games in college?

He won the 2003 Cotton Bowl by 31-28 over Oklahoma State.