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2010-04-10 02:03:24
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Q: Eli Manning was traded from what team to the Giants?
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Is the New York Giants tradding Eli Manning to the New England Patriots?

No, originally Eli was drafter by the Chargers. The Chargers and Giants traded quarterbacks though, giving the Charger Phillip Rivers and the Giants Eli Manning. As far as I know, the Giants are not trading Eli Manning to any team.

What number is Eli Manning on the Giants team?

Eli Manning is the quarterback player number ten on the Giants team.

What team is Eli Manning on now?


Why was Eli Manning traded to ny giants?

He did not want to play for San Diego.

When was Eli Manning drafted?

Eli Manning was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in 2004. Later in the draft the New York Giants traded their rookie QB, Phillip Rivers with Eli Manning and the chargers. So Eli Manning went to the Giants. Phillip Rivers went to the Chargers

Did Eli Manning play for any other team?

Eli Manning has only played for the New York Giants.

What team does Eli Manning play for?

The New York Giants

Who is the quarterback on the giants team?

The current qb is Eli Manning.

What year was Eli Manning signed in nfl?

Eli Manning was signed in 2004 to the San Diego Chargers, and Phillip Rivers was originally signed to the Giants, but then the Chargers & Giants traded Quarterbacks.

Which team was Eli Manning originally drafted by?

The San Diego Chargers. But he was traded to the New York Giants that same day for quarterback Philip Rivers.

Who is the tallest in the football team New York Giants?

Eli Manning!

What is Eli Manning known for?

Football on the New York Giants team. (#10)

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