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The receiver must stand diagonally opposite to the server. For example, if the server is on the right side (thus serving to the server's left service box), then the receiver must stand to the receiver's right to be diagonally opposite to that of the server.

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Q: During the serve where must the receiver stand tennis?
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What line do you stand at to serve in tennis?

You must stand behind the base line.

Where are you allowed to stand to receive serve in a game of tennis?

Everywhere in your court!

What line to you stand at to serve tennis?

The base line, the line in the back.

What line do you stand on when serve in tennis?

You stand behind the white line at the back of the court. This is known as the base line.

Tennis are you allow to serve from inside double white lines in playing doubles in tennis?

the area that you serve into is the same as in singles. The server may stand anywhere in between the center mark and the doubles sideline

What is a serving position in tennis?

It's where you stand when you serve. Behind the baseline in one of the four corners of the court. Best way I can say it.

How do tennis players serve?

When its their turn they stand in the correct area and throw the ball up into the air and swing their racket to slam it into the opposite court.

What does ITF stand for in tennis?

International Tennis Federation.

In tennis what does WTA stand for?

Women's Tennis Association

What does ATP stand for relating to tennis?

Association of Tennis Professionals

Where do the people on a tennis court stand?

Usually on the tennis court.

Why do you need balance in tennis?

because you need to be able to stand in tennis and to stand you need balance. in everything you need balance.

Where should you stand when your partner is serving in tennis?

Assuming you are playing doubles, you would stand in the service box diagonal to your partner (on your side of the court). If you are standing in the right place, the serve will go past you and into the service box in front of you on your opponent's side.

What does wta stand for related to tennis?

It stands for Women's Tennis Association

What does a t p stand for relating to tennis?

Association of Tennis Professional .

What does des tennis mean in English?

'Des tennis' are most probably 'des (chaussures de) tennis' which are tennis shoes in English. That could also stand for 'des (terrains de) tennis', which are tennis courts.

What does ad stand for in tennis?


What does WR position in football stand for?

wide receiver

What position does WR stand for in football?

Wide receiver.

How far away do you stand to serve a volleyball?

You should stand behind the line, to serve a volleyball. If you put one of your legs over the line, the serve won't count.

What does ITF stand for?

International tennis federation

In which country does tennis play?

almost all of them. it just depends how good they are that makes tennis stand out in a country

What does UART stand for?

UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter

What does WTP stand for in tennis?

Wonderful Talkitive Ponies

What does ITTF stand for?

International Table Tennis Federation