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There are a lot more than five rules in hockey, but the basic five would be: # Only use the left side (when the hook is facing away from your body) of the stick to play the ball. # Do not use your body to play the ball (unless you are a goalkeeper). # D not interfere with other players. # Do not raise the ball (except under permitted circumstances). # Listen to what the referee tells you.

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Q: During a hockey game what are 5 rules the players must follow?
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What is the hockey safety rules?

Hockey safety rules are the rules put in place to keep players from getting hurt. Some of the rules are to not hit other players with your hockey stick, no tripping, no pushing, and no hitting.

Different types of hockey?

The most common types of hockey are ice hockey, field hockey, floor hockey, and street hockey. With the exception of field hockey, all of these types of hockey generally follow the same rules.

Is there offside in field hockey?

There is currently no offside rule in field hockey. There were prior offside rules, rules that restricted the positioning of players from the attacking team in a way similar to the offside rule in soccer. The offside rules were changed as the rules of field hockey changed. The evolution of the field hockey offside rule culminated with its abolition in the mid 1990s.

What kind of hockey rules was there when it was field hockey in Ireland?

It is a mixture of field hockey's rules and lacrosses rules.

What are the NHL's rules for the winter Olympics?

There aren't any NHL rules during the Olympics. The refs use International Hockey rules

What are the rules of ice hockey?

Fail answer before... Hockey has many rules.

What are six rules of field hockey?

There are more than 6 rules of hockey

How many players are in a field hockey team?

A team can have at most 16 players, only 11 of which (including the goalkeeper, if there is one) can be on the field at any time.Field Hockey is played by two teams. Each team is permitted to have 11 players on the field at any one time during gameplay, and 5 substitutes off the field. Squads consist of between 11 to 18 players depending on competition rules.

Why do you need to follow correctly the rules of playing scrabble?

to organize the game and to have the peace between the players

About hockey in Hindi?

rules of hockey in hindi

What has the author Edmund W Vaz written?

Edmund W. Vaz has written: 'The professionalization of young hockey players' -- subject(s): Attitudes, Hockey, Hockey players, Rules, Social aspects of Hockey, Violence in sports 'Middle-class juvenile delinquency' -- subject(s): Juvenile delinquency, Middle class

What were the rules of hockey when it was invented?

9 players to a team, prohibited forward passing and body checking, required offensive players to remind behind the puck at all times.

Is hockey entertaining?

Hockey is very entertaining to people who know the rules. If you don't know the rules, then hockey is hard to understand.

What rules did children have to follow during the Holocaust?

there wasnt rules unles u were saying they were in a consintration camp

Where did the rules from floor hockey come from?

ice hockey

The rules for ice hockey were developed where?

Hockey's rules were created by it's creator, but over time, we changed to rules to our liking.

What are the old rules in ice hockey?

If you were a goalie, you couldn't fall on your knees. This was called Flopping. Players were charged $2 per flop.

What are the rules of ice hockey for the Olympics?

the international rules

What are the rules for Icing for Hockey?

i don't know the rules

What rules do you follow?

what rules did you have to follow rations ww2

What are the rules of outdoor hockey?

there are many rules but if you were to go to the hockey Australia website it will give you a rule book and that will supplie all of the rules !!!

Which nation was least likely to follow the rules of convention during ww2?


What are the rules for Canadian hockey?

Canadian hockey is the same as the NHL.

Why do you need to follow correctly the rulesof the game scrabble?

The rules of the game need to be followed to be fair to all of the players.

Rules for ice hockey?

Ice hockey rules are usually USA Hockey for amateur games - the pros usually have a rulebook specific to the league they officiate.