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Yes, but when their is a delayed penalty the team that is not getting the penalty can pull their goalie for an extra attacker.

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Q: During a delayed penalty play shall be stopped whenever a member of the offending team touches the puck?
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In hockey if delayed penalty call and other team scores is there still penalty?

No. If the team who would've gone on the power play scores before the "penalized" team touches the puck, the penalty is nullified. On the other end, as soon as the "penalized" team touches the puck, play is stopped and the penalized player is sent to the penalty box. Sometimes, however, play is stopped as soon as the penalty is committed. An example may be if a player slashes another and breaks his opponent's stick.

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When an illegal formation penalty is called in high school football should the play be stopped?

No. An illegal formation penalty does not stop play. The play is only negated if the defense accepts the penalty after the play is over.

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