Drive shot in badminton

Updated: 9/27/2023
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a drop shot is when you tap the birdie just over the net with little to no force. Its best to use when your opponent is playing in the backcourt cause it puts them on the defensive

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For backhand, push the badminton racket forward with medium strength to make the shuttlecock drive forward. Same for forehand.

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Q: Drive shot in badminton
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What is meaning of drive in skill badminton?

The drive in badminton is an attacking shot that is normally played from the sides of the court. when the shuttle has fallen too low for it to be returned with a smash. The shuttle will be between the shoulder and knee level.

What is always a underhand shot in badminton?

an overarm shot

What is a forehand shot in badminton?

A forehand shot in Badminton is where the shuttlecock is hit forward with the racquet without crossing the upper body as in a backhand shot.

What is another word for faking a shot in badminton?

Deceptive shot.

What a freehand shot in badminton?

I dont

Is drop shot a offensive shot in badminton?

No because all you are doing is letting go of a shuttlecock ad hitting it with a badminton bat

Is a net lift a attacking or deffensive shot in badminton?

Any kind of lift is a defensive shot in badminton as it gives your opponents the opportunity to play a smash or other attacking shot.

What is a wood shot in badminton?

This is a shot that results when the base of the shuttle is hit by the frame of the racket. Once illegal, this shot has become acceptable since it was deemed so by the International Badminton Federation in 1963.

What was a defensive stroke in badminton?

The drive

In which Sport is the term Net Shot used?


What are some Names of badminton strokes?

clear, drop shot, net shot, smash

What are the other names of badminton?

The smash- fast, downward hit onto opponent's side. Forehand- A standard motion of badminton. Usually over your head. Clear- A far shot to the back of your opponent's court. Usually followed by a drop shot.