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You are penalized one stroke for hitting a moving ball.

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Q: Double hit out of a sand trap?
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Can your rake a sand trap before you hit the second ball in the same sand trap when you miss the first try?


What should you do after you step in the sand trap?

Hit the ball without first touching the sand. After you are done, you rake the sand trap putting in back the way you found it.

What is a sand trap called?

It is called a "sand trap".

In which sport would you use a 'sand iron?

A "sand Iron" is a golf club (iron) designed to hit a golf ball out of a sand trap or bunker.

What is an other name for a sand trap?

I have heard a sand trap called a beach.

Can you take a practice swing standing in sand trap?

As long as you don't "ground" your club i.e. Hit the sand around the ball

In Golf are you allowed to hit the ball with a putter in the Sand Trap?

Yes, but why you would do so is beyond me.

Face velocity through sand trap louvers?

.Sand Trap louvers and types of louvers

What helps to trap sand on a beach?

Sand dunes can help trap sand on a beach, they can also be called sand traps. It is a natural way of keeping sand on a beach.

What are the ratings and certificates for Sand Trap - 1998?

Sand Trap - 1998 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

What kind of sand is used in a golf sand trap or bunker?

white sand

What name is given to a sand pit in golf?

A bunker or sand trap.

What golf club should you use in a sand trap?

A sand wedge.

What is the nickname of the world's largest golf sand trap?

The sand trap at Paradise Island Golf Club in Paradise Island, Nassau, The Bahamas (Right next to Atlantis Resort has the world's largest sand trap, which does not have a nickname.

What rhymes with hand clap?

sand trap

What is another name for a sand trap?

its a bunker

What should you do after you step out a sandtrap?

After ou step out of a sand trap you should Use your club and gently scrape all sand back into the sand trap. Then you should use the rake and spread the sand evenly out.

Do you need a sand wedge?

what sport do you use a sand wedge <><><> Golf- when your ball lands in a sand trap.

What kind of sand is in a golf sand trap?

Well there are many type of sand use to build sand trap some uses imported sand which play better and drain faster but it cost a lot than local sand which has larger granules which is really not ideal.

What are the release dates for Clean Sweep - 2003 Organizational Sand Trap?

Clean Sweep - 2003 Organizational Sand Trap was released on: USA: 2004

What is another name for a sand-trap in golf?


Another name for a sand trap in golf is?


Is it a penalty to strike dirt in the sand trap?


In golf what is the American term for a bunker?

Sand trap

What is in Augusta National sand trap?

crushed marbel