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It is only the "smart" thing to do..

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Q: Dose the runner have to slide if the catcher blocks the plate?
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In Little League if a runner is running from 3rd base to home and the catcher is on the baseline and the runner knocks the catcher down what is the call?

Assuming the catcher is near home plate, the runner has to slide. If he doesn't and knocks the catcher down he is out. If the catcher is up the baseline and is waiting to make the tag the runner would be called out for crashing into him. If the slide knocks the catcher down, the outcome of the play would depend on whether the catcher maintained control of the ball during the tag and whether the runner touched home plate.

Is it legal in little league baseball to run into the catcher at home plate?

There are two situations. (1) If the catcher (or any defensive player) has possession of the ball the runner (Rule 7.08(a)(2) the runner is out if "the runner does not slide or attempt to get around a fielder who has the ball and is waiting to make the tag." In addition, if the umpire judges that the runner was malicious and trying to injure the fielder (including the catcher) the umpire may eject the player. However, if the catcher does NOT have possession of the ball and therefore is not waiting to make the tag, the catcher is guilty of obstruction (Rule 2.00, definition of obstruction). If the umpire makes this judgement, the runner would be awarded the base to the runner. This does not give the runner free license to slam into the catcher. Again, if the umpire judges the runner was malicious, the runner would be awarded the base (including scoring the run) and then the umpire may eject the player. In addition, if the umpire judges that the catcher was malicious and was malicious in their action (causing injury to the runner), the catcher may be ejected. So the bottom line is that the runner and catcher are expected to avoid malicious contact.

Does the base runner have to slide if there is a play at home plate?

No they dont if they dont wont to

What is the Little league baseball mandatory rule about sliding in to home plate?

Whenever there is a play the runner has to slide. there is no mandatory slide rule the runner just has to avoid contact

Can the pitch slide into home plate to block the plate if he doesn't have the ball?

No. That would be an obstruction and the base-runner would be safe.

What is the obstruction rule in softball?

This rule states that if a defensive player does not have the ball, she cannot stop the runner from reaching the next base. She could stop the player by standing in her way, or putting her leg down to block a slide before she has the ball to tag her out. A catcher can also block the plate by not allowing the runner a clear path to the plate when they do not have the ball. If a player does have the ball, they are allowed to block the bases though.

Is the batter out if the batter hits a ball and throws his bat and the bat hits the catcher and as a result the catcher is unable to field a throw for a play at the plate?

Yes. If at any point in a game, the batter or baserunner interferes with the fielder, he is an automatic out. If he impedes the throw to get out another runner, the other runner is out as well. For instance, on a double play, if the runner going to second is already out by force at 2nd, and he plows into the short stop trying to throw the other runner out at first, the runner going to first is also out. The baserunner must always slide or otherwise avoid excessive contact with the fielder on a double play.

Can a runner trying to score hurdle a catcher?

Depending on your league rules. In general, the answer is yes, provided that your league has not adopted a "must slide rule".

Can a runner slide from home to first base?

A runner can slide into any base.

When softball is hit do you have to slide into home plate?

If you are unsure that you will make it in time before the catcher gets the ball and tags you. But if you are certain, you can just run over if. But as long as you touch the plate before, your safe.

Can a runner slide for the first score of the game?

Yes, a runner may slide into any base at any time.

A fault in which the blocks of crust slide horizontally past each other is called a?

A fault in which the plates slide horizontally past each other is called a slip-strike fault. If it is on a plate boundary it is known as a transform fault.

Does a runner have to slide into a base?


Can you slide to first base?

Yes. A runner can slide into any base.

Must a runner have to slide into home?

No, the only time a runner is forced to slide or avoid a play is when he has already been determined and called out on the base paths.

Does plate slide under another plate at a divergent plate boundary?

Yes it does!

How do you slide and break blocks when your shell Mario?

you keep on running and then he starts to slide in his shell

Does the North American plate collide divide or slide?


What are the three types of earths plates?

slide plate blind plate ambot plate

Is it legal to slide into home plate?

Yes, you can slide into any base.

What is a slide plate?

A slide plate is some linear bearing that makes part of the expansion joints of bridges to allow future expansions and contractions.

What is it called when one plate slide under another plate?


Does the runner need to slide in at home?

only in little league

What happens when an oceanic plate hits a continental plate?

Normally the oceanic plate would slide under the continental plate.

Which plate margins do volcanoes occur along?

At constructive plate margins (where two plate slide away from each other) or a destructive plate boundary (where two plates slide together), volcanoes do not occur at a conservative plate margin. Hope this helps