Does wrestling happens

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what kind of question is that?!

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Q: Does wrestling happens
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Can you die from wrestling?

yes. rare but it happens

What happens if there is a tie in wrestling?

That depends on what kind of wwe?(scripted) or lik amateur wrestling. In wwe nothing changes hands such as a title and the win loss record has a tie section

What happens in sumo wrestling if someone pull down your skirt?

you would be naked as simple as that

Does the pay per view events wrestling matches are planned before it happens?


What is a Dark Match in professional wrestling?

a dark match is a match that is not televised but just happens for the fans that are in the arena

What is a good wrestling academy for wrestling?

The collage for wrestling in Florida.

How many wrestling companies are there that are pro?

Companies that are out of buisseness: Jim Crockett Promotion Georgia Championship Wrestling Stampede Wrestling Championship Wrestling From Florida American Wrestling Assosiation World Class Championship Wrestling Universal Wrestling Assosiation World Championship Wrestling Wrestling Assosiation R Extreme Championship Wrestling Current pro wrestling companies: National Wrestling Alliance Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre World Wrestling Entertainment World Wrestling Council New Japan Pro Wrestling All Japan Pro Wrestling Jersey All Pro Wrestling Asistencia Assesoria Y Administracionestling Pro Wrestling Noah Pro Wrestling Zero1 Ring Of Horror Total Nonstop Wrestling Action

Where can you buy weapons for wrestling?

online you can get a lot of weapons for wrestling and i do mean real wrestling not toy wrestling weapons

What is better wrestling or boxing?


What is a wrestling federation?

it is a wrestling buinnsee

Is basketball or wrestling better?


Why is junior high wrestling called wrestling?

cus it iz amatuer wrestling

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