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Maybe I don't really know

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Q: Does woodinville high school have a lacrosse team?
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What date did paul rabil start playing lacrosse?

Paul Rabil got serious about lacrosse as a freshmen in high school

How much would it cost to have a girl's high school lacrosse program?

It really all depends on how big your school is and where it is located. A high school that is closer to the eastern shore is more likely to get a boost because of lacrosse hotbeds, but it will cost a little bit. It also depends if you have a boys lacrosse team.

How many all conference players can be chosen from each high school lacrosse team?

as many as they want

How do you become an NCAA lacrosse player?

You play for a high school team, then you go to lacrosse camps. The camps usually have scouts there from NCAA teams. Or just go to a school with one and try out. Hope this helps. :)

Does Texas have lacrosse?

Yes, they play lacrosse in Texas. In fact Lacrosse is growing quite rapidly. Many middle school aged teams and even some younger ones. Especially rapid growth at the the high school level though.

Does the Onondaga tribe play lacrosse?

yes, there juco team is the best junior college lacrosse school in the country

Where to play lacrosse?

in sylvania you can play at tamo. Or your school may have a team

What was Jim browns lacrosse team called?

Jim Brown played for Manhasset High School on Long Island, NY Then for the Syracuse University Orangemen.

How many boys are on a high school lacrosse team?

The minimum required is 10. 3 Midfielders, 3 Attackmen, 3 Defensemen and 1 Goalie.

What are Austin Swift's hobbies?

He plays Lacrosse, his team won the state championship this year.I've seen pictures of him playing football in middle school but I don't think he continued in high school.

Why doesnt west Cary middle school have a lacrosse team?

because we dont have a coach to teach west cary lacrosse and that we dont have the money

Is travel better than high school?

depends on the high school team and the travel team, if the high school team stinks then yes.