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No but they do qualify for the Europa League.

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Q: Does winning of fa cup qualify for champions league?
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Does winning the Europa Cup automatically qualify a team for the Champions League?

No. They qualify for the europa league next year no matter what league position.

If you win the uefa cup do you qualify for champion legueas?

No. You qualify for the next season's Europa League, unless you qualify for the Champions League in another way (e.g. winning your domestic league).

How much are the winning team of champions league and world cup collecting?


How does a team qualify for the UEFA Champions League?

It is determined by the teams strength in the Champions League. The stronger the league, the more teams that can qualify from it. The winner of the UEFA cup from the previous year gets an automatic qualification.

How much is the prize money for winning the champions league final?

Currently, the prize money for winning the Champions League is 10.5 million euros. It is given to the team which wins the cup.

Which player has won the world cup European championship champions leagueand domestic league?

zidane,not sure about reidle,don't remember klinsmann winning European cup [champions league]

How many premier league teams enter Europe?

The top 4 all qualify for the Champions League, with the fifth team qualifying for the Europa League. The FA Cup winners and League Cup winners also qualify for the Europa league.

How much did manu get for winning champions league?

In total, after the tv money and winning the cup it is estimated around £60 million.

Which positions in the premiership qualify for the champions league?

The first and second place teams automatically qualify. Third and Fourth place teams go into a Champions League qualifying round. Fifth place qualifies for the UEFA Cup.

How many times man-you won champions league?

Man U won the Champions League in 1999 and 2008 as well as winning it in European Cup format in 1968

Which is bigger champions league or confederations cup?

Champions league, of course.

Why is it that the world cup champions do not automatically qualify in the next world cup?

They do

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