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Yes wind affects the motion of football that is thrown. Apart from the motion of the football is also affected by gravity. The various laws of motion applies when football is thrown.

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Q: Does wind affect the motion of a football that is thrown?
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What would get pushed furthest a football or a javelin by wind?

Football thrown in a spiral

How does rain affect a football?

Like most objects, when a football is wet is becomes harder to throw and hold on to. Rain will not noticably affect the flight of a football as wind does.

Does a football go further when you throw it in a spiral?

yes, a football does go faster because it stops the wind from affecting it better than it being thrown wobbly

What forces affect your motion when sliding down a slide?

gravity, friction, and wind resisitance

Does a football usually bounce the way the wind is blowing from?

A football might be affected by wind when it is thrown, punted, or kicked. However, the biggest factor that affects a football's bounce is the way it hits the ground. Footballs are known for having a very irregular bounce due to their oblong shape.

How does wind affect a tennis ball when thrown?

it changes its course of flight because of the aerodynamics plus the force of the wind makes it so that it will slightly change its path of force like newton's first law of motion states a object will remain moving until a force has acted upon it that force is wind making it change its course of flight.

Is wind air in motion?

it sure is. wind is air and when the air is in motion it is called wind

Does wind affect the distance a soccer ball travels?

Yes the wind will play a part in the distance a football will travel. The stronger the breeze the further it will travel.

How does wind affect tsunamis?

Wind does not affect tsunamis.

Does wind affect rubber?

wind has no affect on rubber

How does wind affect erosion?

how does wind affect erosion

How does the weather affect the motion of a car?

Weather affects the motion of a car in a variety of ways the primary reason being aerodynamics. If conditions are windy then your car will be affected by the wind due to the wind resistance of the vehicle. Water can also affect the motion of a car due to it's affect on a roadway and moving parts of the car like the wheels. When cars are built all these factors are taken into consideration and that's why cars are shaped and designed the way they are, to minimize these effects.

How does wind speed affect tsunamis?

Wind does not affect tsunamis.

Air in motion is called?

When Air is in motion it is called the wind. It Could also be called a breeze or wind current

Is wind an example of motion energy?

yes wind is a source of motion energy! like moving your hand(etc)

How will an increase in the use of wind turbines affect the availability of wind in the future?

It will not affect the availability of wind.

Wind is an example of the energy of what?

wind is an example of motion enegry

What air is in motion?


What is the Homograph meaning air in motion or to turn?

wind like wind a toy and there is wind

How does air pressure affect the motion of air?

air moves from high to low pressure, which is how wind works. i can make it more scientific if you want

What are the wind systems that affect Philippines?

The natural and physical factors are the wind systems that affect the Philippines. Mountains and tall buildings affect the wind systems.

Is a rose bush in motion?

If you count the wind or growth as motion, then yes.

How does wind surfing affect tides?

The sport of wind surfing does not affect tides.

Is wind conduction or convection?

Wind is Convection because wind travels by air in a circular motion.

Air in motion?

it means wind .