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Personalized AutographsYes. Any autograph that is personalizes will lower the value. For example an autograph inscribed "Best Wishes to Paul" will limit the number of collectors interested, to people named Paul. Less demand equals less value.

The value will drop lower with newer, and more common signatures that can be easily purchased without the personalization. Why spend money on a signature made out to "Paul" when your name is John, and there are many other opportunities to acquire a signature without the personalized inscription.

With older, more rare and expensive signatures (like Connie Mack) the value will still drop but not as much. This would be a great opportunity for a collector on budget to get the signature at a great price. There would be slightly more collectors, other than Paul, interested in the signature. More demand, higher value.

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Q: Does value of a connie mack autograph change if personalized?
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