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The umpire does not have to call time when the ball is in the infield, BUT when the pitcher has it in the circle so the play is OFFICIALLY dead.

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Q: Does umpire have to call timeout each time ball comes to infield in softball?
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Why does a baseball infield have grass and softball infield have clay?

Clay or GrassJust a guess, but softball fields are usually owned or maintained by municipalities with small budgets. Clay requires less maintenance than the manicuring necessary for infield grass. Clay is just plain cheaper than grass.No, It's because in baseball the ball comes off the bat faster, so they have grass so they can slow it down. In, softball the ball doesn't come off the bat as fast so they don't need the grass to slow the ball down.

How far is the infield dirt to the outfield grass in a MLB stadium?

It comes right up to it.

Is softball exciting?

I belive it can be but baseball comes out as more exciting.

Is a base runner out if he leaves first base after being called safe?

In both baseball and softball, a runner is allowed to touch first base and keep on running and then come back to first base. He stays in foul territory. Then he comes back. The umpire calls him safe as long as he gets to the base before the ball does. In both baseball and softball, he comes back to the base. In baseball, he can leave the base, in softball he can not. In softball, he must be on the base while the pitcher has the ball until the ball is almost over home plate. In baseball, he can start running at anytime. If he starts too soon, the catcher can signal him to throw the ball to the first baseman and if the ball gets there, the first baseman will tag him out. It is called a pick off.

I just got my ears pierced and the umpire for my softball games won't let me wear earring or tape them down and i can't take my earrings out so what do I do?

You have to keep them in for at least 6 weeks if you want them to heal, so if you are not able to wear them, you may just have to take them out. If you have to take them out for softball for long periods of time before that 6 weeks is up, they are going to close up anyways. I guess it all comes down to whatever you like better -- your earrings, or softball. or you can pur down your hair and tell him you took them out

What math is used in softball?

Addition when it comes to counting runs scored or outs gotten.

What is an example of gravity in softball?

when the ball is hit up into the air and comes back down

What is the height of a softball?

softball comes in diffrent sizes based on age group..... but they not messured in height but in diameter they go 8in 10in 12in some 14in but that uncommon

How can you cut a softball in half?

Take a saw and cut it in half; if the leather comes off then glue it back on.

A softball comes in several sizes 44 and 47 core what is the core of a baseball?

It is COR not Core. Coefficient Of Restitution.

What is the name of the river that the mud used to rub all baseballs comes from?

I believe it is the Delaware River. I seem to remember the term "Delaware mud." I saw a post which claimed the baseball mud comes from Baltimore, as the dirt there is 'extra fine'. Although many years ago, as a resident of the Philadelphia area I was told the apparently widely accepted story of how the mud comes from only one secret place in New Jersey, there may be some truth to the Baltimore story as I vividly recall the infield dirt at a funky softball field where we played bar league games, was the finest I had ever seen. The outfield was trash, but that infield was the best. I saw it, and it was major league quality, if not even better. check out for some more answers about baseball mud. I heard the Mississippi River. Mississippi mud.

What did a softball look like?

A softball is a bright greenish-yellow color. If is just as hard as a baseball except it is bigger. A softball has stitches like a baseball an it comes in two sizes. One being 11 which is the size for younger girls, and 12 which is the size for older girls, high school, college, pros, etc.

What is the official called who oversees the game of cricket from behind the wickets?

The person who you are thinking of would be the umpire standing at the non strikers end. They stand about one meter or so inline with the stumps as to give them the best view of the batsmen's stance in relation to the stumps and the keeper. This gives them the best possible chance of making the correct decision when it comes to an lbw or caught behind appeal. There are many other officials who oversee the game, with the other on field umpire being the square leg umpire (who, unsurprisingly, stands at square leg). The main umpire and the square leg umpire take turns in the relative positions. There are also the people who hold the official of positions of third and fourth umpire, but they are not on the field of play.

Does a baseball of softball have more kinetic energy when thrown at 35mph?

KE = 1/2mv2, where m is mass in kg, and vis velocity in m/s. Since both the baseball and the softball are thrown at the same velocity, the difference in KE comes down to mass. A baseball has a mass of 0.142kg - 0.149kg, and a softball has a mass of 0.177kg - 0.198kg. Therefore, since the softball has the greater mass, the softball would have more kinetic energy. The 2 after the v is supposed to be a superscript and is supposed to mean velocity squared.

Is softball a hard sport?

softball is physically hard, and it takes skill to hit,catch, and also throw. For some people this sport comes naturelly, but others must practice to achieve greatness. I play softball and in my opinion it is one of the toughest sports because you must be healthy and energetic to finish out the game! So my answer is yes.....this sport is hard!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

What is the rules about softball?

Softball rulesThere are many versions of Softball and levels of competition to cater for different age groups and abilities. While each of these versions tends to share common terminology, they often have variations on the standard rules of Softball.The Official Playing Rules & Rules Case Book of Softball Australia (adapted for local conditions from the ISF Official Rules of Softball is used for all Australian Championships, national events run by Softball Australia and international events hosted by Softball Australia. In the case of Australian Championships, these rules are supplemented by the Australian Championship Regulations.When starting out it's important to know some basic Softball terminology and rules including:Fielding positions: players are positioned on the field to cover as much area as possible. According to the rules, all players, except the catcher, must be in fair territory when the pitch is released. The pitcher must be on the plate and the catcher must be in the catcher's box.Fair territory: this is the entire area between 1st and 3rd bases, including the lines between those bases and home plate and the extension of those lines to the outfield limits or home run fenceFair ball: any ball that comes to rest in the infield or first touches the ground in the outfield within fair territoryFoul territory: any area outside fair territoryFoul ball: any ball that comes to rest in the infield or first touches the ground in the outfield anywhere outside fair territoryStrike zone: the space over any part of home plate between the batter's armpits and the top of their knees when they assume a natural batting stance (see diagram)A strike: a batter is only allowed 3 strikes. A strike is: Any ball that passes through the strike zone that the batter does not hitAny ball that does not pass through the strike zone, but the batter attempts to hit but missesA ball: any pitched ball that does not pass through the strike zone and is not swung at by the batter. After 4 balls, the batter is allowed a walk to 1st base.Other basic rules are listed in the terminology section of About Softball

How many balls does an umpire rub and where does the mud come from?

in a game they go through about 12 dozen and the mud comes from Mississippi mud or Louisiana mud its very expensive

Is it importan to pay attention when you play softball?

Yes it's important to pay attention when playing softball. First, it's for safety's sake, softball isn't the softest thing in the world. It will hurt when hit. Second, not paying attention may cause the other team score unnecessarily, must pay attention so you know what to do when the ball comes your way

Is a sofball harder to hit than a baseball?

It said that a softball is harder to hit because of the force it comes in at is greater in the highest levels of softball then is baseball, also the underhand motion causes the ball to have an upward movement which is hard to master then the downward movement of a baseball.

How can you connect to cod4 cracked server i have done everything including enable console and 1.7 etc but it comes with server connection timeout p.s server used to be able to connect?

Type in the IP of the server then reset system

What is an rbi in softball?

An rbi is when there is a runner on a base and the hitter is at the plate and hits the ball and the runner that was on the base comes home and scores rbi = RUN BATTED IN

Who are the players in softball?

Well there are many players in softball but my favorite type is the Hailey Horton this position sits on the bench and mostly eats pudding and screams "YOLO" because she has no friends. Her main role is to eat the old sunflower shells off of the ground because she comes from a omniverous breed.

What have people learned about a soft softball or a hardball softball?

A soft softball is made out of foam and never actually used in a real game of softball. If it is ever used, it is probably used in PE. or in a game that is just for fun. A hard softball is used in a real game of softball. A certified softball is a lime green sort of color and comes in a variety of sizes. The smallest size is 10 inches around, another is 11 inches around, and the biggest (and the one used for college softball and the Olympic team) is 12 inches around. Most of the time you would use the smaller sized softballs in a little league and a s the kids got older, the size of the ball gets bigger. The string that hold the ball together is red, just like a baseball. Softballs weigh about 175-178 grams. It's density is 15.5 to 16.5 per square inch.

How many innings in women's college softball?

There are 7 innings in a regulation game of college softball. If the game is tied at the end of seven inning international tiebreaker comes into effect. This means that the person who was the last out starts as second base, and play continues as normal. Both teams get the opportunity to play like this.

What is the difference of the pitchers area in softball and baseball?

Baseball and softballs pitchers have completely different deliveries when it comes to pitching. A baseball player throws the ball over hand, like the rest of his team. A softball pitcher throws the ball underhand, using a "windmill" motion. They both, however, have the same motives - to strike out the batter.