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The umpire does not have to call time when the ball is in the infield, BUT when the pitcher has it in the circle so the play is OFFICIALLY dead.

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Q: Does umpire have to call timeout each time ball comes to infield in softball?
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Why does a baseball infield have grass and softball infield have clay?

Clay or GrassJust a guess, but softball fields are usually owned or maintained by municipalities with small budgets. Clay requires less maintenance than the manicuring necessary for infield grass. Clay is just plain cheaper than grass.No, It's because in baseball the ball comes off the bat faster, so they have grass so they can slow it down. In, softball the ball doesn't come off the bat as fast so they don't need the grass to slow the ball down.

How far is the infield dirt to the outfield grass in a MLB stadium?

It comes right up to it.

Is softball exciting?

I belive it can be but baseball comes out as more exciting.

What is an example of gravity in softball?

when the ball is hit up into the air and comes back down

What math is used in softball?

Addition when it comes to counting runs scored or outs gotten.

Is a base runner out if he leaves first base after being called safe?

In both baseball and softball, a runner is allowed to touch first base and keep on running and then come back to first base. He stays in foul territory. Then he comes back. The umpire calls him safe as long as he gets to the base before the ball does. In both baseball and softball, he comes back to the base. In baseball, he can leave the base, in softball he can not. In softball, he must be on the base while the pitcher has the ball until the ball is almost over home plate. In baseball, he can start running at anytime. If he starts too soon, the catcher can signal him to throw the ball to the first baseman and if the ball gets there, the first baseman will tag him out. It is called a pick off.

I just got my ears pierced and the umpire for my softball games won't let me wear earring or tape them down and i can't take my earrings out so what do I do?

You have to keep them in for at least 6 weeks if you want them to heal, so if you are not able to wear them, you may just have to take them out. If you have to take them out for softball for long periods of time before that 6 weeks is up, they are going to close up anyways. I guess it all comes down to whatever you like better -- your earrings, or softball. or you can pur down your hair and tell him you took them out

What is the height of a softball?

softball comes in diffrent sizes based on age group..... but they not messured in height but in diameter they go 8in 10in 12in some 14in but that uncommon

How can you cut a softball in half?

Take a saw and cut it in half; if the leather comes off then glue it back on.

A softball comes in several sizes 44 and 47 core what is the core of a baseball?

It is COR not Core. Coefficient Of Restitution.

What did a softball look like?

A softball is a bright greenish-yellow color. If is just as hard as a baseball except it is bigger. A softball has stitches like a baseball an it comes in two sizes. One being 11 which is the size for younger girls, and 12 which is the size for older girls, high school, college, pros, etc.

In field hockey play is in the circle so is the umpire an attacker hits the ball it comes off the umpires foot and enters the goal what is given?

In this situation the goal SHOULD BE AWARDED. The umpire's body and equipment are part of the field of play, and if the ball strikes them, play continues regardless.

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