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it depends if they use different types of wood because different wood means different dencity ,and a more solid foundation for the ball to bounce higher

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Q: Does the type of basketball court affect the bounce height of the basketball?
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What is basketball dribbling?

It is when you bounce a ball up and down the court.

Does the floor effect the basketball bounce?

The floor type does effect the bounce on a basketball due to the kinetic energy absorbed by the floor that is why it is easier to bounce a ball higher on a basketball court than it is say on tiles and carpet court.its a godd science experiment

What is the vertical height clearance for a basketball court?

The official height for an NBA court is 10 feet.

What d word suggest bouncing a basketball as you move around the court?

double bounce

Why do they use maple wood for basketball courts?

Because it is slicker and the ball will bounce better on the court.

Can you score a basket in basketball if you are out of bounds you bounce it off the court and it goes in without touching a player?


What is the minimum ceiling height of an outdoor basketball court?

An outdoor court is unlikely to have a ceiling.

What psi measurements do you need to make a basketball bounce the same on an indoor basketball court and on an outdoor court?

pressure would always change due to temp, so u gotta take that into account.

What is the ceiling height of basketball court?

it is about 30 yards high

What is the height of a regulation basket on a basketball court?

10 ft.

Indoor basketball court height?

If you mean the height of the hoop, all levels play on 10 feet.

Does a basketball bounce higher on a blacktop court or a hardwood floor?

A gym floor, the lacktop has more denseness and textures.

Does a basket in basketball count when you are throwing it in bound and you bounce the ball off the court without touching a playerand it goes in?


Does the surface of a tennis court affect the height the a tennis ball bounces?

Yes , it does You could even try it yourself for proof. Bounce something on grass then on pavement, you will see a difference in how the softer the lower.

What is the height of a profesional basketball net and stand?

The rim for a basketball court is positioned exactly 10 feet off the ground.

At what height are the baskets hung in a basketball court?

The baskets are 10 foot high.

How well does a basketball bounce on ceramic tile floor?

never tried, however, VCT makes a good in-expensive court floor!

What are the different heights of different ages of basketball hoops?

regulation height of any basketball court men and women is ten feet.

What is the height of hoop of basketball court?

High school, college and the NBA, all use 10 ft high basketball hoops.

What is the minimum height of a ceiling for an indoor basketball court if the court will only be 60 by 25 feet?

Probably whatever you want it to be

Height of basketball ring NBA?

The official height of an NBA basketball ring, is 10 feet from the court to the rim. It's also 10 feet for official high school and college courts! =)

What is the best surface for a basketball court between asphalt concrete grass wood and why?

asphalt has the best bounce and it doesnt make much noise

Size of basketball court?

Ten feet if your talking about the height. The diameter of the rim is eighteen inches.

Height of NBA basketball hoop?

The rim is elevated 10 feet off of the court floor

How tall is basketball court in high school?

The court itself is measured by length and width, not height. 94' x 50' is about average. The rim is 10' above the court.