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The temperature of the ball does not affect the surrounding/outside air,

but it does affect the air inside the ball.

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Q: Does the temperature of the tennis ball affect the air?
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Can the temperature of a tennis ball affect its bounce?

Yes, this is because when the tennis ball is in a heated environment warm air enters through the ball and because the temperature gets higher, the tennis ball would get bigger. When the tennis ball is bigger it would bounce higher.

Does temperature affect the air inside the tennis ball?

It the ball has air in it, then an increase of temperature will increase the pressure within the ball, over the short term. Over the long term, all pressurized tennis balls lose pressure. If the ball is the pressureless type, it has no air to be affected by temperature.

Why does heat affect the height a tennis ball bounces?

Because the temperature affects the height of the tennis ball because the more heat the more the air pushes out when bounce the colder the less

How does cold air affect the bounce of a tennis ball?

it decreases it

How does air temperature affect the height of a tennis balls bounce?

Cold air is more dense which is making the ball bounce higher, warm air is less dense which is making the ball bounce less higher.

Does a room temperature tennis ball bounce higher then a heated tennis ball?

No, a room temperature ball does not bounce higher than a heated tennis ball. In fact, the heated tennis ball will bounce higher than its room temperature counterpart. This is because tennis balls rely on a high pressure internal pocket of air for their bounce. Heating the tennis ball would increase the pressure of the air inside the ball (pressure varies as temperature) which would cause the tennis ball to bounce higher. This holds (albeit for different reasons) for most solid balls as well, such as baseballs.

How does temperature affect the kicking distance of a socer ball?

When the air outside is cold, the ball starts to deflate almost. It's not just a soccer ball either, take a tennis ball and try to bounce it.. It doesn't does it??? it's the same

What gas is in a tennis ball?

Generally air is the gas in a tennis ball

What are the effects of temperature on the rebound of a tennis ball?

its is the air inside the tennis ball that you should be concerned with. Cold air is compressed and gives the ball less bounce, hot air is less dense and pushes on the sides of the tennis ball from the inside. Another important factor is altitude. altitude changes the amount of oxygen in the air. this doesnt change rebound it causes the ball to travel further in air.

What is in a tennis ball?

rubber and air

Does a tennis ball have air in it?

yes it does

Why does a hot tennis ball bounce higher than a cold tennis ball?

As the air temperature in the tennis ball raises, so does the pressure inside. As the pressure increases, the ball becomes harder and acts like one of those solid rubber super bouncy balls.

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