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Yes it does, in cold weather the ball doesn't go as far, in warm weather it goes further, but not by a massive distance.

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2008-07-01 23:09:38
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Q: Does the temperature effect how far a ball travels?
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What effects how far the soccer ball travels when kicked?

Primarily the direction of movement, the spin on the ball and the movement of the surrounding air (wind). The effect is called the "Magnus Effect" (google that to get more details).

Does the temperature of the golf ball affect how far it travels when hit by a golf club?

yes, the hotter the ball the softer it becomes it will then affect the COR (coefficient of restitution)

Does weight effect how far an object travels?

in simple terms yes it does effect how far an object travels but it depends how it is traveling what gravity its traveling in and so on.

How far will a soccer ball travel in 2 seconds?

Depends on the speed the ball travels.

Does the amount of air in a soccer ball affect how far it travels when it is struck?

Yes. A flat ball will not go as far when kicked as a ball filled with air.

Does the angle that an arrow is shot effect how far it travels?


Does the mass of a baseballbatt effect the distance a baseball travels?

yes it definitaly can but its best to get one your size, one to small or to big can make the ball not go as far.

Does the length of the baseball bat affect how far the ball travels?

No the length of the bat doesn't affect how far the ball goes, its all in your hips and the velocity of the ball.

Air pressure effect on the distance a soccer ball travels?

the more air that is in the ball is how far it will travel, for example a flat ball will not travel as far as a pumped ball. why? because the bounciness of the ball would not be used when it is not pumped however this is not really so as if a ball is pumped up to the point that it is hard it will not travel as far as it would if you released some of the air out of it. every ball that needs air to work has an optimal psi if a ball is pumped to that psi it will travel by far the best than below or above.

Ways to test if the size of a ball has a effect on how far it goes?

Yes , the affect of the ball does matter of how far it goes.

Does the temperature of a football affect how far it is kicked?

Yes temperature does effect how far the ball will travel. The colder the temp, the colder the air inside the ball is and the colder the leather of the ball is. This causes the ball to be coming harder and more stiff and will not travel as far as a ball on a warm summer day. You wont loose a lot of distance and I am not sure of the acutal measurements but it was something like for every 10 degrees cooler it is, the ball will travel a couple yards less than it would if it was warm.

How does the air pressure of a soccer ball effect how far it travels when kicked?

Possible effects of temperature on soccer ball. 1. Raising temperature will increase the pressure within the ball making the ball more rigid. This ball should rebound off of the foot more readily. [With a higher speed!] 2. Raising air temperature will tend to dry out the air. Dry air would tend to generate less air friction. 3. Increasing air temperature would increase the volume of the air within the ball. If the ball has a greater volume it will have to push more air out of the way, thus increasing the frictional force acting on the ball. 4. If the volume of the ball increases, its buoyancy would also increase giving the ball more "lift".

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