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Of 'course they do. Just like a Baseball catcher they have to be protected from the runners,ball,and the bat. If they don't wear equipment then they will get really hurt. It is a rule for them to wear them. It's safe.

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Q: Does the softball catcher wear protective equipment?
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What safety equipment does a catcher wear in softball?

Catchers wear: 1. Chest protector 2. Shin pads 3. Catcher's helmet 4. (Catcher's) mitt Hope this helps! Sources: I play catcher

Why do you wear protective gear when playing softball?

You wear protective gear so you dont get seriously injured

What safety equipment must be worn by a softball catcher?

usually catchers wear a chest pad, leg pads, and a helmet, and they also have a catchers glove

What protective clothing does the catcher wear to protect the head?

a mask

What safety equipment does a catcher need in softball?

Wear the correct safety equipment. This should include body pads, a face mask and a helmet. The catcher's mitt is a different kind of glove, with more padding. You'll need it as balls come flying at you. lol.

Why do you need to wear personal protective equipment?

You need to wear personal protective equipment to protect yourself from hazards or hazardous materials that are associated with the work you are doing.

What do you wear under your hockey pads?

It is the users preference as what to wear under protective equipment.

What is the use of personal protective equipment?

The use of personal protective equipment is when you wear a device or clothing that is designed to protect you, the wearer, from some hazard in your immediate environment.

5 Why is it important to wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment?

during sport or work a lot injury could happen .. many people face to injure their self because they don't wear the right equipment or they don't use any protective. so to keep your self and others around you out of any injury or dead it is important to wear protective clothing and equipment...

What is PPE?

P.P.E is personal protective equipment PPE could stand for Personal Protective Equipment. PPE is worn to protect people from everyday hazards of their job. Firemen wear PPE.

What type of baseball catchers equipment does the New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada wear?


What precautions should be taken in the histology laboratory?

Always wear protective equipment (gloves, gown, goggles)

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