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no it does not

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Q: Does the size of the barrel on a bat make the ball go farther?
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DoES a big barrel bat makes the balls go further?

Not necessarily, but it does increase the size of the sweet spot. Hitting the sweet spot does make the ball go farther.

Dose the size of a ball affect the distance it will roll?

The bigger the ball is the farther it will go.

What travels farther a ping pong ball or a plastic ball with holes that is the same size?

ping pong ball the holes in a ball with holes(whiffle ball) slow it down.

For shotguns what does gauge measure?

It is an indication of the diameter of the inside of the barrel. The larger the number, the smaller the diameter. It works like this: the number is how many balls that size make up one pound of lead, so a 20 gauge barrel is the diameter of a ball, 20 of which would make up one pound. 12 gauge is the size ball that 12 balls would make one pound. This is correct except for .410, which is the actual bore size of 41/100".

Does the size and weight have affect on how far it travels when you kick a soccer ball?

the size does have something to do with the distance a soccer ball can travel.the bigger the ball, the more scoop you can get when you kick the ball. also, the more pumped a soccer ball is, the more force will be needed to kick it farther.

What is a hypothesis for the gauss rifle?

If you use a bigger steel ball bearing than it will go farther than a smaller steel ball because of the amount of kinetic energy in each size ball.

What size of carburetor for a 390 2 barrel?

what size of carburetor for a 390 2 barrel

How does friction effect the sport of soccer?

The more friction a soccer field has the less distance the ball rolls also it takes more strength to kick it farther than a field with less friction. The amount of friction on the field will depended on the size of the grass.

Do they make a soccer ball size bigger than 5?

officially... no

What can a painter do in order to create an aerial perspective?

reduce the size of objects in the background to make them seem farther away.

What characteristics of a tennis ball change when you keep the ball the same size but make it harder?

Aftar 80 over

What are rifled muskets?

It will help to understand the difference between a rifled musket and a smoothbore musket. Smoothbore muskets fired a round ball, which traveled down the barrel after the powder charge was ignited. In order to be able to load it, the ball had to be smaller in diameter than the bore, because it was loaded at the muzzle. For example, a .69 caliber gun fired a .678 sizd ball, sometimes even smaller. The reason these guns were so inaccurate was two-fold...firstly, because the bullet was smaller, gases could escape around the ball, causing the ball to "clatter" as it traveled the length of the barrel, and therefore would not leave the barrel the same WA each time. Secondly, the ball would leave the barrel, and depending on the clatter or size, it would be very unstable flight. A rifled musket is different....the gunsmith would use a bit to cut rifling into the interior of the barrel, creating a spiral of grooves into the barrel. The grooves were depressions in the surface, and the cut also created a lan, which is the area that was not cut. The rifled musket used a different bullet, called a Minie ball. The Minie ball was a conical shaped bullet with a hollow base, The base was called the skirt, and was fairly thin. When the black powder ignited, it caused the thin skirt to expand, engaging the bullet into the grooves, and imparting spin to the bullet. The spin greatly stabilized the bullet in flight, allowing it to travel farther. It was more accurate because as the skirt engaged, it created a seal from the gases that could normallye scape from a smoothbore. This insured that the bullet left the barrel the same way every time, and the gases were contained actually caused the bullet velocity to increase, whi chgave it a farther distance capability.