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Why would they challenge a call if no call was made? Once the referee makes a call, the coach can then throw the challenge flag (if it is challengeable...not all calls are).

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Q: Does the referee have to make a call before coach can challenge in a football game?
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The color flag the coach throws when he wants to challenge a call of a referee and check it on instant replay in football?


When can coach challenge in a football game?

He can challenge when he gets ready.

Can a coach challenge a penalty in college football?

yes but if he loses the challange it will cost a timeout No. A penalty is the result of a judgment call by the referee and is NEVER allowed to be challenged, neither in college nor in the NFL.

What is a coach's challenge in football?

choosing play formation ect. + telling players what to do

Who was the Alabama football coach before Nick Saban?

Mike Shula was the Alabama football coach before Nick Saban.

What is the signal when a football coach boots a player from the game?

Misbehavior in sports is known an unsportsmanlike conduct. A football coach or referee can signal unsportsmanlike conduct by holding their arms outstretched with palms facing downward.

What is a challenge in sport?

It is a term in football that means a coach question's a ref's call and wants it overruled.

What did James Madison do before and after he was president?

a coach for football

Who has final say in throwing the challenge flag in professional football?

The head coach is the person who carries the challenge flag and makes the final decision of whether to throw it or not. A challenge is initiated as soon as an official on the football field recognizes that the challenge flag has been thrown.

Why do officials in basketball and football have numbers on their uniforms?

Because, then the coach and the referee will say wheres 23 or foul,23 and that kind of stuff.

Who would you find at a high school football game?

cheer leaders, classmates, parents, referee, players, coach, band members

How many challenges are allowed per football game on college football.?

The coach is allowed 1 challenge per half, but unlike the NFL every play in college can be reviewed by the refs challenge or no.

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