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He can do either. He can run with the ball, hand it off, or (as long as he's behind the line of scrimmage) pass it.

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Q: Does the quarter back run with the ball or pass it?
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Is a runningback a quarterback?

No, they are two completely different positions. Not always but in general the quarter back is the one who throws the ball, and the running back is the player that the quarter back will hand the ball off to and then run.

Can a Quarter Back spike the ball at anytime during the game?

yes, the quarter back spikes the ball so it can stop the clock so the team will have more time to run another play.

What is the job description of a quarterback?

a quarter back is the person on the football field who is directly behind the center. His job is to either hand the ball to the running back (tailback, fullback), run the ball himself, or pass it to one of the receivers (preferably a wide receiver). in other words it is his decision to make an attacking play.

What does the quarter back do?

the quarterback leads the team on offense in football. He tells the team what the play is and also tells them how to run the play. The quarterback gets the ball form the center at the beginning of each play. Once he gets the ball he has the right to hand it off to a running back, pass down the field, run with the ball or do any combinations of those actions. The quarterback is the most important player on offense.

Can a dead ball be inbounded to the back court?

Yes, You can run all the way to the other end of the court and have the player pass you the ball without a violation.

How do you play good in a soccer game?

Play your part in the team. Pass the ball accurately. Be aware of where your team-mates are and where your opponents are. When your team doesn't have the ball win it back. When it does have the ball run into space, but not offside.

What does a halfback do in football?

the objective in football is to get the ball in to the touchdown zone then running back are behind the quarterback. they are the players who run the ball block for the qb and go out for pass and fullbacks are the power backs

How can you move a lacrosse ball up the field if you can't run with it?

you pass...

What is a running back in football?

A running back is a position in football in which the ball is hiked to the running back and they then run the ball

How many ways to get first down?

Alot, either pass the ball, which is the best choice or run the ball. If in a long yardage situation, the best choice is to pass the ball. Another one, but also dangerous, fake punt on 4th down and run or pass it with the punter. The same on field goals.

Is it a home run if the ball bounces on the top of the wall and then comes back into the field?

No, a home run is when the ball goes out of the field.

What does a defender do in football?

A defender is someone who plays defense and tries to either A: sack the quarter-back or B: prevent a pass being caught or C: prevent a run from going far.

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