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Q: Does the pit crew get perdeems room and board?
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What is a pit crew?

A pit crew is the crew that fixes a race-car if it gets in a wreck or fills up with fuel

Is a pit crew required?

Yes, in Nascar a pit crew is required. Their main job is changing tires and keeping the tank filled with gas.

When was the first pit crew formed?

in 1924

Does James Helton work on Jeff Gordon's NASCAR pit crew?

There was nobody named James Helton on Jeff Gordon's 2010 pit crew.

How many pit crew members allowed over wall in NASCAR race?

The answer is 7 pit crew members total are allowed over the wall.

What qualifications do you need for F1 pit crew?

The qualifications needed to be an F1 pit crew include a degree in mechanical engineering. One must also be certified in autosport.

Bill Elliot's MacDonald's pit crew uniform with pants?

when should crew members get changed into their uniform

Do start and park Nascar teams have to have a full pit crew?


What are the release dates for Revved Up - 2013 The Pit Crew 1-2?

Revved Up - 2013 The Pit Crew 1-2 was released on: USA: 17 July 2013

Does every pit crew have its own officials?

In all three NASCAR races each team has their own pit stall for servicing the racecar or truck. Each pit stall has its own set of officials to make sure every team enforces that standards of NASCAR for the safety of the driver and pit crew.

Is 'Tiny' still on Jeff Gordon's pit crew?

No. In 2011, Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon swapped pit crews.

How fast can a Nascar pit crew change out a transmission?

They can change it in 7seconds