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No, usually the person with the lowest score wins Golf. The score counts how many hits you take to get the golf ball into the goal, and it is better to take fewer strokes.

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2012-05-03 22:14:48
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Q: Does the person with the highest score wins in golf?
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Who know who wins in figure skating?

The person who has the the highest score wins.

How is the winner decided in gymnastics?

The person who gets the highest score (usually out of 10) wins.

What sports do you win by having the lowest score?

Golf is the only sport where lowest score wins

Is it better to have a -6 or plus 6 in golf to win?

In golf, the lowest score wins. So -6 is a better score than +6.

In bowling does the highest score win or the lowest?

lowest score wins bowling

In which sport does the player with the lowest score win?

Golf is one Sport where the player with the lowest score wins. The player that hits the ball the least amount of time, and holes the ball has the better score.

How do you keep score in disc golf?

You keep score in disc golf almost the same way you do in the real golf. you print out a card and write down how many throws it takes you to make it in. then you subtract that from par and you have your score. the lowest wins

What is the maximum score in billiards?

there is no maximum score in billiards. If it is 3 ball billiards a time limit is set for each game the person with the highest score wins when the alarm clock goes off

What is a junior scratch cup in golf?

a golf competiton for handicaps of 5-10 (4.5-10.4) lowest score wins

What sports calculate winner with lowest score?

i believe golf, darts,

Who wins scrabble?

The player with the highest score at the end the game of scrabble is declare as the winner.

Eventing Score Rules?

The rider with the lowest score wins. The score is actually your penalty points, so you want the lowest score. In higher level Dressage, you actually want the highest score.

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