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Q: Does the media put too much emphasis on sport?
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What is a sentence for emphasis?

A sentence for emphasis is when you yell at someone, you put emphasis on your words.

Do people put too much emphasis on learning practical skill?

Yes,some people put too much emphasis on learning practical skills,because they are so obsessed in learning it and making them very smart people than the others.

What does hardness mean in french?

How much emphasis is put on the vowels (A,E,I,O,U) in the french words

How do you emphasize a word?

You put emphasis on it

What is a sentence using the word emphasis?

I cannot put enough emphasis on the urgency of this matter.

What is sentence emphasis?

Emphasis is special importance or significance. An example sentence would be: She made a point to put emphasis on her point in her speech.

What is the definition of performance in sport?

Well I would say that the definitions of performance in sport is: How you do something, how well you do it, and how much work you put into it.

Charlemagne put great emphasis on?


Charlemagne put great emphasis on what?


How much antifreeze do you put in your 2003 jeep liberty sport?

Half an half

How can athletes eat so much and not put on weight?

because they lose it doing their sport

What is a media box?

A media box is where you can put texts, pictures, and playlists. For example on a meez media box you put the HTML code and paste it on the media box.

Should a child or an adolescent get a throphy just for playing a sport?

That usually depends on how successful the child or adolescent is at playing that sport, and how much effort they put into it.

How many calories are burned in each sport?

It depends, mainly, on how much effort you put into the activity

Did Sparta or Athens put a greater emphasis on wisdom?


Which best describes the religion of Egypt?

It put an emphasis on the afterlife.

Why does diabetes affect sport?

sport can help diabetes because when you have diabetes you need a certain amount of sugar and that would make the person put weight on so doing sport would help you keep in shape and not put to much weight on. The more weight you have when you have diabetes the worse your diabetes can get so sport helps it.

What is the national sport of the phillipnes?


What quantity of sand is recommended for a pool filter?

Your filter will tell you on the side of it how much media sand to put in it.

Why do colleges and universities put so much emphasis on not plagiarizing?

Plagiarizing is copying someone else's work and alleging it as your own, also known as cheating.

Can you put windows media player on your ipod touch?

No, you cannot put Windows Media Player on your iPod Touch.

Do Chinese and companies rhyme?

Answer: If emphasis is put on the last syllable, yes.

What syllable do you accent on the word communicable?

You put emphasis on the second syllable.

How do you say Canada in French?

le Canada (masc.) English speakers usually put the emphasis on the first syllable "CAN-a-da"; French speakers usually put the emphasis on the second syllable "Ca-NA-da"

How many syllables does banned have?

It has 1. Because you don't put emphasis on the "ed".

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