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Yes it does and i dont know why.

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Q: Does the link of your foot affect how far you kick a ball?
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How do you kick a football?

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How do you play foot ball?

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Does soaking a tennis ball in water affect its bounce?

A wet tennis ball is a ruined tennis ball. It does not bounce as high. You can dry a tennis ball quickly by hitting it against a chain-link fence repidly for a little while. Once the ball is dry, then you can use it again.

What is a 'drop kick' in football?

Gaelic Football (GAA) is a sport mostly played in Ireland a drop kick is when u drop the ball and kick it very much like Rugby

What are the fundamental skills in Sipa?

In the traditional and native Philippine sport, Sipa, the skills necessary are speed, agility, and the ability to control the ball. The game consists of two teams which kick a ball back and forth over a net in the middle of a court the size of a tennis court. For more information, visit the Related Link.

Who held the ball for Tom Dempsey when he kicked his 63 yard field goal?

DB Joe Scarpati, #21. Click on the 'Tom Dempsey 63 yard field goal' link below to see a video of the kick.

What is game fly password for free trial?

link or kick

How does the weight of a soccer ball affect the game?

Basically, if the ball is too heavy then more energy is required, and it gets hard to control how far/where the ball goes. Same things with too small, except instead of being too heavy if the ball's smaller, you can over-hit it. (see also the related link below)

How does the type of tennis racquet string affect ball movement?

Although the vast majority of ball movement (i.e., direction, trajectory, speed, and spin) is under the control of the person wielding the tennis racquet, the string can have a slightaffect on the ball, depending on its thickness (gauge) and how tightly it is strung onto the racquet, even though the ball is on the strings only 1/100th of a second. For more information, refer to the "Introduction to Racquet Science" link, below.

What does a giro ball in baseball do?

Check out the 'Gyro Ball' link on this page to learn about the physics of the Gyro Ball.

What is a 540 kick?

It is a jump-spinning kick (popular as an advanced kick in Taekwondo), where the rear foot of a fighting stance is used to hook kick the target after having twisted backward 180 degrees lifting the rear leg like a twist kick, jump and continue to spin another 180 degrees as though throwing a tornado roundhouse, and finish with the final 180 spin hook - all while in the air. Often times the kicking foot starts in the front leg position, and a lead in step is added to build up momentum, but counting the 540 rotation does not accurately begin until the rear (kicking) leg is lifted off the floor, even though the front leg is still on the ground at that point. (see related link of Korean Tiger Taekwondo team member demonstrating a board break with the 540 kick).

How do you hold a curve ball in baseball?

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What is the Kick off time for the Carling Cup Final in 2009?

3pm Kick Off! See the Related Link below for more information.

Can Link use the Light Arrows in Twilight Princess?

Link can't use the light arrows Zelda uses the light arrows so Link can kick Ganon's butt

How many seasons are in Dragon Ball Z?

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What channel does Dragon Ball Z come on?

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How many mm in a foot?

304.8 mm in a foot. Check the related link in wikipedia for more info on feet

How big was robert wadlows foot?

Robert Wadlow's foot size was 37AA. There is a link to a picture of his shoe below this answer.

Who was the last player to kick a drop kick field goal?

Douge flutie was the last person to have a drop kick field goal plus he was the qb too. Click on the 'NFL Dropkickers' link on this page to learn about some of the best dropkickers in NFL history.

A kind of bike which can be move by pushing your foot on ground?

A bike that can be moved by pushing on the ground with the foot is the classic scooter. It could also be called a kick scooter. Designs date back well over a hundred years, and the little vehicles are still popular today. Our friends at Wikipedia have a brief article that's worth the read. The link is included. Click, go, read and become all-knowing.

How does the fabric on a tennis ball affect its bounce?

According to an article on the "Tennis Server" (commercial) website (refer to the link, below), the fabric or cover of a tennis ball can affect the ball's bounce in a number of ways, including by the thickness of the cover, its density (i.e., at the molecular level), its resistance to air and the ground, etc. Over a short period of time of normal use, the cover of a tennis ball will degrade to the point where it no longer bounces to an acceptable level. That is why some amateur and all professional tennis players change to new balls at certain intervals during a match.

How do you complete level 27 in dooors?

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What is the Manufacture of a soccer ball?

This link has a link with a You-Tube video Most soccer balls are made in Pakistan.