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its allows your stick to bend more when taking a slapshot thus creating a stronger spring motion which shoots it faster then a higher flex stick. better for defensmen is lower flex(not to low or you will brake it.

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Yes. Typically a flex greater than 100 means a very rigid stick.

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No- the higher the flex number, the stiffer the stick is. Depending on the maker (Bauer, Easton, reebok) the numbers will vary but still follow the higher the number the stiffer the shaft is.

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Q: Does the higher number on a hockey stick mean it has less flex?
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What is the biggest flex a hockey stick can have?

about a 40 flex is maximum for a junior stick ---------------------------------------- The biggest flex a hockey stick can have, and I'm assuming you mean the largest number, is a 115 to 120 (depending on the manufacturer). A 120 flex is fairly difficult to find and most are only available in Europe. For the most part, the highest flex available in the USA is a 110. In case there was any question, the higher the number in the flex rating, the stiffer the stick. Here is a listing of average flex ratings for each size stick: Youth - 35 to 40 flex Junior - 50 flex Intermediate - 60 to 70 flex Senior - 75 to 110

How would you classify a composite hockey stick from a wood hockey stick?

A composite hockey stick is made from a synthetic material such as carbon fiber and is seen as lighter and to have more flex than a wood hockey stick. The flex of the stick is often rated on the stick and the amount of flex is a preference of the player. Flex can be seen as important because it causes a snapping of the stick during a snap or slap shot which causes the puck to release at a higher velocity. however often the more flex a stick may have the easier it may break.

What does the flex number mean on a composite hockey stick?

It stands for the level of flexibility in the stick there are three types of composite sticks: junior, intermediate, and senior 67 and below is recommended for ages 12 and below 87 and below is recommended for ages 13-16 years anything higher than 90 for anyone above age 16

How is hockey stick flex judged?

The lower the number, the more flexible the stick is. The higher the number, the stiffer the stick is. Defenceman usually prefer stiffer sticks (high numbers) because they usually take hard slapshots from the ble line, while forwards have more flex (lower number). It's all about personal preference.

What are some scientific advances in hockey sticks?

The composite stick is the newest innovation in hockey stick technology advancement. They have a higher flex rating and are lighter in weight compared to wood and/or aluminum sticks.

What is flex on a hockey stick?

The flex rating (or stiffness rating) of a stick dictates how easy or hard it is to bend the stick. The higher the number, the stiffer the stick. The lower the number, the more bendable the stick. Senior sticks usually rate between 75 and 110, intermediate stick between 60 and 70, junior sticks between 50 and 52, and youth sticks between 35 and 45.

What is the difference between 100 flex and 50 flex hockey sticks?

the stiffness of the stick when u flex it

Can you increase flex of a composite hockey stick that is too stiff?


How does cutting a graphite hockey stick effect its flex?

sticks will be stiffer

Which hockey stick flex is stiffer mid or regular?

The regular flex is a stiffer flex than the mid flex. A regular flex is comparable to an 85 flex. The mid flex is closer to a 75 flex.

What is Sidney Crosbys flex on his hockey stick?

He starts with an 80 flex but he cuts 5-6 inches off of it.

How much force does it take to break hockey glass?

If you were think that it takes all your force to break you composite hockey stick think again. It actually depends how much the stick have has been flexed foe example if you stick has been flexed about 100 times you can get a really hard pass and the stick will break.