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No it will not. the T.O.S. technology of the gait heads and shafts is 2 degrees which doesnt match with the stx 10 degree

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Q: Does the gait icon 2.0 fit on an stx 10 degree crankshaft?
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Will the STX arrow fit on the Crankshaft 2 degree?

Yes the STX Arrow will fit on the 2 degree Crankshaft

Will the Brine Answer fit on the Crankshaft 2 Degree?

idk ive never had a crankshaft but i dont think it would fit so good cuz i mean look at the k18 they have crankshaft heads for a reason.

Does the brine E3 fit on the warrior maverick wonder boy?

Yes, all heads fit on all shafts, unless you have a Gait with a 10 degree offset head in which case only the TOS heads work on those

Is a stx proton power compatible with a gait by debeer liquidmetal shaft?

yes almost all heads fit on all shafts except crankshafts and 10 degree TOS

What is lacrosse heads fit on the stx crank shaft 7075?

there are some gait ones that fit

Will a ferrari crankshaft fit in a Chevy 305?


Where does the pilot bearing fit on the flywheel?

It fits into the end of the crankshaft.

Can a traditional lacrosse pocket fit on a gait nuclear lacrosse head?

yea i have 1 just like that

What will happen you use standard connecting rod bearings on a shaved crankshaft?

You end up with a sloppy fit between the bearings and the crankshaft.

Will a 305 flywheel fit a 350 engine at the crankshaft stub?


What specific heads fit on the stx crankshaft?

yes, all shafts fit with all heads except for ones like the katana that are bent or the crankshafts

Will a 5.7 dodge hemi crankshaft fit a dodge ram 4.7 engine?