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No, the eighty two games are just for the number of regular season games for each team in the NBA.

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Q: Does the eighty two games in the NBA include playoffs?
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How many consecutive games are there in NBA playoffs?

there are 7 consecutive games in the playoffs.

When did 1st round of nba playoffs change from 5 games to 7 games?

The First Round of the NBA Playoffs was changed from best-of-5 to best-of-7 before the 2003 playoffs. The 2002 playoffs was the last time there was best-of-5.

How many games does the NBA has?

82 games per season(not counting the playoffs), 16-28 games during the playoffs

Who won the 1995 NBA playoffs?

The Houston Rockets won the 1995 NBA playoffs. They beat the Orlando Magic four games to none in the NBA Finals.

How many games left until playoffs in nba?

there is 7 more games untill playoffs 2013 season

Where can you watch free replays of nba playoff games?

How many games are played before the nba playoffs?

82 games.

How many games does a team need to win in the NBA playoffs?

An NBA team needs to win 16 playoff games to be NBA champions.

How many NBA games before playoffs?


How many games left before the nba playoffs?


Where can you download NBA games like playoffs and others?

on iTunes

What is the number of games needed to win NBA playoffs?


How many games are in a NBA season including playoffs?


How many games in a NBA season including playoffs?


How many games are played in the first round of nba playoffs?

Best out 7 games

Why did nba playoffs change from 5 games to 7 games?

Better for advertising and money

How many games do you play in round two in nba playoff game?

All the games in an NBA playoffs is played in a 7 game series. This format also goes with the Conference and NBA finals. Reaching game 7 before winning an NBA playoffs or finals happened 84 times in the NBA.

What NBA team sweep all playoff games?

No team has gone undefeated in the NBA playoffs. The LA Lakers came closest, going 15-1 in the 2001 playoffs.

How many games are in an NBA playoff?

An NBA playoff is played in a 7 game series. There are two rounds in a the NBA playoffs before reaching the conference finals and the NBA finals. Last year champs is the LA Lakers who defeated the Orlando Magic 4-1 and Kobe Bryant is the NBA finals MVP. There can be a total of of 105 games in the nba playoffs if each series went seven games

How many gams can an NBA team loose in the playoffs?

4 games

How many games do NBA players play not including playoffs?


Is there a number of games to make nba playoffs?

no, you have to be in the top 8 of your conference

How many games to make the playoffs in the NBA?

You have to be at least the 8th seed to make the playoffs so no matter how many games aslong as your not below that 8th spot in the conference the team woll make it to the playoffs

When was NBA Playoffs created?

NBA Playoffs was created in 1947.

How many games are there in the NBA?

in one NBA regular season for one team, 82 games. Total there are 2,460 games in an NBA regular season. Counting Playoffs, if each round goes to 7 games, there are 2,551 games, with some variation