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According to the deck plans on, the dream does have a full Basketball court.

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Q: Does the carnival dream have a basketball court?
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Does the carnival legend have a basketball court?

Yes it does just got back a lot of fun

What is the game name for the basketball game at carnival?

Shoot 'n' Hoop is the name of the basketball game at a carnival.

What channels does carnival dream have?

they have 33333333333

Which carnival cruise ship would you recommend Legend or Dream?

Carnival Dream. It has more amenities, better public areas is newer and easier to access than Carnival Legend.

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Does the carnival victory have a basketball hoop?

Yes it does. They have a little half-court area on one of the top decks. A very busy area usually full with teenagers.

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What is carnival's biggest ship?

As of now, it is the Carnival dream. But the Carnival Magic will be coming out next year and is expected to be the biggest the cruise line has ever made.

What is carnivals biggest cruise ship?

it is as of now the carnival dream

How many pools are on the carnival dream cruise ship?


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