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There are no extra points given for anything. A captain is not an official position, and thus, there is no award given.

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Q: Does the captain of the opposing team in basketball get awarded 2 points?
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How are points awarded in the game of basketball?


How many points are awarded in a field goal for basketball?

awerser it

How many points are awarded for a free throw in basketball?

only one point is awarded for a free throw.

How many points are awarded to the winning team in a forfeited game in basketball?

i think it is two but i am not positive

What happens if the opposing team blocks the PAT and runs it back for a score?

In college, 2 points are awarded. In the NFL, nothing.

What is the object of a basketball game?

To get the most points by making baskets Also you have to prevent the opposing team from making baskets.

What does Steaktacular mean in Halo 3?

A Steaktacular is a medal you are awarded if you beat the opposing team by 20 points or more in a game of Slayer.

In basketball how many points are awarded for a successful free throw?

One point for each successfully made free throw.

How do you win in basketball?

You win by getting the most points for your team. At the end of regulation (after 48 minutes in the NBA, 40 minutes in college), your team has to have more points than the opposing team.

How do you average your points in basketball?

how do average your points in basketball

What is mean by a field goal and how many points are awarded in basketball?

In basketball, a "field goal" is the official term for any basket made from the floor other than a free throw. Most of the scoring in a basketball game is field goals. They are worth two points, or three points if the shot is taken from behind the 3-point arc.

Can you touch the basketball when it is in the cylinder?

An offensive player touch the ball when it is in the cylinder. If a defensive player touches it then, it is goaltending and two or three points are awarded.

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