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Q: Does the black light have harm on the would?
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Can artificial black light harm you?

Black light can pose a hazard to the eyes and the skin. Black light is, after all, light at the violet end of the spectrum and it has ultraviolet components. UV light is higher energy light and can be damaging. Get the straight dope by reading the Wikipedia article. The link is below.

If there is no light?

You would see black, black is the absence of light.

Do black or white color absorb light better?

Black absorbs light better, that's why it looks black. White absorbs no light, but reflects it; that's why it looks white in white light. The only thing that the color black absorbs is heat that why if you would put a black towel and a white towel the black would would be hotter.

Which light colour would a beige car be?

It would be light black.

What color sofa would match with light cherry and black?

I think a Brown or black or red sofa would look best with light cherry and black.

Would black light break up if it is shined through a prism?

Black light

What would make a blacklight poster work?

New batteries would make a black light poster work. Replacing the light might also make a black light poster work. Black light poster could also be broken.

How light can harm us and your properties including your environment?

Light can harm a person and his or her properties including the environment by changing the color or bleaching properties. Light can harm you by changing sleep patterns.

What colour will a green object be if only blue light was shone on it?

Black, because the blue light would be absorbed into the object's pigment and as there is no green light to reflect, the object would appear black.

Can a black hole be pink?

No, to be pink it would have to emit light and no light can escape a black hole's event horizon.

How black can black get?

Perfect black would be the inability for any light at all to reflect off the surface. A black hole is black because light cannot escape the gravitational pull.

Can you swallow black watermelon seeds?

yes you can swallow black watermelon seeds but why would you. its like gum it can't harm you but its not good for your stomace

Which wavelengths of visible light do you think would be absorbed by black paint?

in my opinion i think the light rays would not be absorbed but instead blocked this is why black is not transparent.

Why does light not harm us but exposing UV radiation does harm us?

that depends on the frequency of the rays of light.

What color would a green object under red light?

It would be black becasue the object would absorb all the red light, and there would be no green light for it to reflect

What color is an object that does not reflect any light?

Black Technically speaking, an object that does not reflect any light whatsoever is not black, it is invisible. A black hole for example is not actually black. It would appear black to the observer but only because the rest of space is black. If you were standing next to one you would not be able to visually discern it was there (of course, you would get sucked in, which would negate the whole point!)black

If you mix a light gray with a black what color will you get?

you would get a lighter shade of black.

In blue light what color would an apple be?

in blue light a apple is black !

What would a red object look like under blue light?

It would be black becasue the object would absorb all the rblue light, and there would be no red light for it to reflect

What other color than green (and black) would appear black under red light?

all colors except red will appear black in red light

How would a tomato look under blue light?

the tomato would appear black.

If your body is a black hole are you invisible?

Black holes are invisible to the visible light spectrum and many others because their gravity is so strong it pulls in even light. So in theory yes. But a human body is FAR too light to ever form a black hole. However, if you define visibility as human perception of it, while we never see light from a black hole, we would notice the absence of light in an area, so even if it were possible to turn your body into a black hole, no one would see you, but the would see a black gap in space where you should be...

Why can't you see a black hole?

You can never see a black hole. Never. This is because the gravitational pull of the black hole is so strong that nothing, not even light can escape from it, therefore the light from a black hole would not be able to reach your eyes.What you would see is a big black patch of distorted light in the middle of space.

Can you wear black shoes with a navy blazer?

Well, wearing black shoes with a navy blazer would do no harm, but my favorite combination would be, beige shoes or red ones, with the same navy blazer.

Will light falling into a black hole accelerate Why or why not?

It would not accelerate because it does not go straight in.As it turns out ,nothing does.Everything that goes in spirals in , like water going down a drain. If space time is the tub or sink ,the black hole is the drain and the matter (in this case light)is the water,the water spirales in.It would look to an outside observer like the light is turning red. This is because it decelerates.If light sped up it would be able to escape the black hole and we would see the black hole and it would not be a black hole.