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All benches with upright supports will accommodate either practice or Olympic bars. However, if you are doing bench presses in a home gym, always do them in a power rack or with spotters.

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Q: Does the Wieder 265 bench accommodate Olympic weights?
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Does the weider 265 bench accommodate olympic weights?


Can a midwidth bench hold olympic weights?

I put 470 lbs on a 7' olympic bar and my mid width olympic bench held it just fine. So, answer is I know it does.

Where can one purchase an Olympic weight bench?

An Olympic weight bench can be bought at local department stores like Sears, Kmart, and Walmart. Amazon has a selection of weights as well but the shipping costs are very high due to weight.

What does the average weider home gym consist of?

There are many different models of the Wieder Home Gym available. In general they consist of a high pulley, 4 roll leg developer, a bench, and weights.

What are worth thinking about when buying bench weights?

There are many things that are worth thinking about when buying bench weights. Examples of things that are worth thinking about when buying bench weights includes the size of the weights, the weight of the weights, and the price of the weights.

How many pounds of weights are included with this bench?

While you may find a retailer that bundles weight with the bench, the bench itself does not come with any weights.

In gym what are curls and bench presses?

Curls and bench presses are weight training moves. Curls use free weights and bench press involves a weight bar with weights on it and a bench to lie down on.

Can you purchase a bench press through Wieder Home Gyms?

Yes, you can purchase a bench press through Wieder Home Gym. They offer a few different types to choose from. The many different styles make it a great way to choose the one right for you.

What does it mean when someone asks what do you bench?

When someone asks you to bench, it is referred to your bench press. It deals with weights and repetitions.

In this bench press. Bar holder is there To keeep the bar weight?

This bench is not designed for the bench press there is no bar to ssuppot the weights for bench press.

What is the safest brand of bench for free weights?

A standard horizontal bench with support for a thousand pounds is safe.

What size weights come standard with a Gold's gym weight bench?

Most of the Gold's weight benches are sold without any weights included. They are available used from private owners who often sell weights along with the bench.