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The Tour the France does not always start in France. In 2010 it will start in the Netherlands, Rotterdam at the third of Juli.

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Q: Does the Tour de France always start and end somewhere in France?
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Where is the statrt and finish for the tour de France?

The start of the Tour differs, but it always ends in Paris.

Does the tour de France start and finish in Paris?

The start tends to be moved around a bit, but the finish is always in Paris.

Does the Tour de France start in France?

Most of time yes, but the course changes each year. For example in 2007 the Tour de France started from London. Anyway, it always ends in Paris.

Where does the 'Tour de france' always finish?

in a place in france

When has the tour de France not started in France?

The course of the Tour de France change every year so, time to time, it might start in neigbouring countries. However most of it is raced in France and it has always finished in Paris.

What year did the Tour De France start in London?

The 94th Tour de France in 2007

How many stages in the 2015 Tour de France?

There are always 21 stages in the Tour de France.

Does the tour de France start in London?


What is the start of the tour de France called?

Le start

Which country did the tour de france start this year?

In 2012 the Tour de France started in Belgium.

Where does the 2009 Tour de France start and when?

The Tour de France will begin in Monaco on the 4th July.

Where does the tour de france start and finish?

The course changes every year, and it may even start in a neigboring country. But it always ends in Paris, France.The Tour de France's route always changes every year, but it always finishes in Paris.It always finishes in Paris. but may start almost anywhere. The first stage is often held in a neighboring country to spread the attention and commercial exposure.

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