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No, just to players wages.

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Q: Does the NFL salary cap include coaches salaries?
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What is an NFL coach salary?

Salaries vary widely just like with players in the NFL. This link will show you all coaches salaries.

What is the salary of an NFL head coach?

Depending on who you are. Super Bowl coaches get more than 0-16 coaches

Are fired NFL coaches under contract paid full salary or full salary less other compensation?

All NFL coaches have contracts. All of their contracts have clauses covering what they will be paid in case they are fired.

What is the starting salary for NFL Head Coaches?

40.5million for a 5 year deal

Where do the Pittsburgh Steelers rank in NFL salaries?

They are the highest paying team in the NFL, having the highest median salary in the league.

What is the salary range for an NFL player?

The Rookies The minimum salary for an NFL rookie in 2009 is $310,000. The Veterans After the first year, the minimum annual salary is $400,000. Team Salaries They were fifth in the league in total payroll with salaries totaling more than $128 million. The NFL Salary Cap In 2009 the salary cap is $127 million.

How do you find an NFL football player's salary?

Click on the 'NFL Salaries - 2007' link below to see salaries for the 2007 season as provided by FOX sports. When on the page, click on the team name underneath the 'NFL Team Payrolls' heading to see the 2007 salaries for the players on that team.

What is the average salary of a new NFL player?

the average salary is 1.4 million, but a players salary depends on position and team and how good they are you can figure out a players salary here

What are the salaries of NHL assistant coaches?

Terry Murray - Los Angeles Kings - 3 years/$2.65 million (average $883,333 per season) 7/18/08

Are NFL head coaches salary guaranteed?

yes because if you are a head coach you have a base salary of a certain amount that you have to be paid

What is the average nfl assistant coaches salary in 1970?

As an assistant with the Baltimore Colts in the 1970's Bill belichick made $50 per week,

What is Donovan McNabb's yearly salary?

Donovan McNabb's yearly salary is $6,301,920 with a $9,355,832 salary cap. This information was referenced from USA Today's Salary Database,