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they are not allowed to get a job

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Q: Does the NCAA allow college athletes to get jobs?
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Can college athletes have jobs?


Do Olympic athletes have traditional nine-to-five jobs?

Yes. Athletes not in high school, or college maintain jobs. Home Depot is a company committed to hiring said athletes, to accomodate their training schedules. Obviously select Olympians have lifestyles that accomadate not having to be in full time employ.

Where could I find out about NCAA jobs?

One can find out about NCAA jobs by visiting their site or by visiting an employment center where they help one find all NCAA jobs. They also help one build a resume.

How many professional athletes lost there jobs from smoking?

Loads!!! i think the question is how many pro athletes smoke !!!

What kind of jobs did James Francis Thorpe Jim Thorpe did?

They were athletes.

What are jobs that should pay less?

professional athletes.....actors....politics

Where can one go to find job vacancies in the NCAA?

For jobs in the NCAA, which are hotly contested, the best place to look is on the recruitment section of the NCAA Market website, as the listings are always the most up-to-date.

Where can I find NCAA jobs opportunities?

NCAA job offers can be found on their website and they are almost always looking for people. Asking people that already work with the NCAA how they got the job is also a good idea.

Where did the late Jim Valvano attend college and later was the coach of NC State that won the NCAA basketball championship?

Jim Valvano attended Rutgers College. He played the guard position at Rutgers.

Where does reed jobs attend college?

Did you mean where did Steve Jobs attend college? I don't believe or know of a "reed jobs" sorry. But he attended Reed College I believe.

How many NBA jobs are in the US?

Sports marketing sports managements nfl jobs nba jobs baseball jobs ncaa jobs sports meia sports broadcastings sports sales sports internship

What kind of work can you get at a college?

Jobs that are available on college campuses include secretarial jobs, security jobs, and food service jobs. These are, of course, in addition to the jobs of being a professor or administrator.