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Yes! They Get The Title Of Being Called "The Best Basketball Team In The World" And Get A Pretty Nice Team Trophy and A Quite Nice Championship Ring.

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Q: Does the NBA have a championship title for the winner?
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What year did the nuggets win a NBA title?

They have never won an NBA championship

Who were the NBA championship in 1997?

The Chicago Bulls won the NBA title in 1997.

Have the Toronto Raptors won a NBA championship?

No, they have not won an NBA Championship.

When did the Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA title?

They won their first championship against the Miami HEAT in the 2011 NBA championship.

How many NBA championship have the lakers won?

They have 1 NBL title and 16 NBA championships.

How many times has Orlando Magic won an NBA title?

They haven't won an NBA championship

Which player won an ncaa championship and nba title?

Dwayne Wade

Which NBA has the most titles?

The Boston Celtics have the most NBA Championship Title wins with 16 titles.

When did micheal jordan win his first nba title?

Michael Jordan won his first NBA title in 1991, after leading his Chicago Bulls to its first ever NBA championship.

Who won the very first NBA Title?

The Philadelphia Warriors won the very first NBA Championship Title when they where up against the Chicago Stags.

Who won Nba scoring title and when who won the championship that year?

The Boston Celtics

Did any of the Michigan Fab 5 won a NBA title?

No member of the Fab Five has ever won an NBA Championship.

What french player owns a NBA championship and MVP title of the finals?

micheal jordan

Who won NBA title in 1974?

The Boston Celtics won their 12th Championship in 1974.

Who won the 1986 NBA Championship?

The Bostn Celtics beat the Houston Rockets 4-2 to win their 16th NBA title.

What team won the first NBA title?

The Philadelphia Warriors won the first NBA Championship in 1947 by defeating the Chicago Stags.

Which team won the first ever NBA championship in 1950?

the team that won the very first NBA title in 1950 was the Minneapolis Lakers who won the NBA title 4-2 over the Syracuse Nationals

Who won the basketball championship in 1970?

New York Knicks won the NBA Title in 1970 UCLA won the NCAA Title

How many games are played in the NBA championship?

It is a best-of-seven series. The first team to win four games wins the NBA title.

Which country is the winner of all 5 title in 2009 all England badminton championship?

China of course

How did Kobe Bryant manage to carry the Los Angeles Lakers to their 15th title in the NBA Championship?

by winning

Who is the only french player to own a NBA championship ring and MVP title of the finals?

tony Parker

Who won the NBA title in 2010?

In 2010, the NBA championship went to the Los Angeles Lakers, who defeated the Boston Celtics in a seven game thriller.

What does each NBA player receive for winning the NBA championship?

a championship ring

Was there ever an Eighth Seed in the NBA playoffs that won the NBA championship?

no the lowest seed that has ever won an nba championship was the 7th seed Houston rockets in the 90s. Actually, that Houston rockets team was 6th, but yes they were the lowest seeded team to ever win an nba title, in the 1995 NBA Finals