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yes it does

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โˆ™ 2016-11-05 14:25:52
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Q: Does the Frank Lampard limmeted edition Match Attex card exist?
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Is a Frank Lampard limited edition Match Attex card rare?

no you get it in the tin

How do you get Frank Lampard limited edition?

you can get him in a match attax tin which you can get from argos

Who are Frank Lampard's parents?

Frank Lampard's parents are Frank Lampard, Sr. and Patricia Lampard.

What is frank lampard's religion?

Frank Lampard is a Christian-Protestant

What is the rarest Match Attex card 10-11?

There are 3 cards that are the rarest. Frank Lampard- £15-£25, Joe Hart- £5-£15, van persie- £20-£30

What is Frank lampard's dads name?

Frank Lampard Snr.

What was Frank Lampard Sr's dad's name?

Frank Lampard.

Who is older Frank lampard or John terry?

Frank Lampard

Who does frank lampard support?

Frank Lampard, supports West Ham.

Does Frank Lampard have a middle name?

Yes. Frank James Lampard

Who are Frank Lampard parents?

Frank snr & Pat Lampard

Is Frank Lampard Catholic?

Yes , Frank Lampard comes from a Christian family and is Catholic

When was Frank Lampard born?

Frank Lampard was born on June 20, 1978.

What is Frank Lampard's birthday?

Frank Lampard was born on June 20, 1978.

Is Frank Lampard a uncle?

Yes, Frank Lampard is an uncle to niece Millie!

Who is Frank Lampard?

Frank Lampard is a professional footballer who plays for Chelsea FC and England.

Where was Frank lampard born?

Frank lampard was born in a place called Romford, in London.

What secondary school did frank lampard go to?

Frank lampard went to brentwood school

What is Frank's Lampard Twitter handle?

@FrankLampardUK is the official twitter handle for Frank Lampard.

Who is frank lampards son?

Frank Lampard Junior is Frank Lampards snr's son. Frank Lampard Jr doesnt have any sons only daughters (Depending on which Frank Lampard you were talking about)

How much does Frank Lampard get pay at Chelsea fc?

Frank Lampard makes 100000pounds a week.

When did Frank Lampard move from west ham to Chelsea?

Frank Lampard joint Chelsea in 2001.

Who is Frank Lampard's mother?

Patricia (Pat) Lampard

Who is Frank Lampard mother?

Patricia (Pat) Lampard

Is Frank Lampard Jewish?